The Honduras Team Is Doing Great

11737810_10153003189858457_7473652097246887982_nLooking back on how we got here, we are still amazed at the challenges we overcame. Meg put it so well, “Yesterday, we backpacked six hours through the mountains of Intibuca. Never before have I been more physically challenged. I was not strong enough, but others lifted some of my forty pound load. Just as Christ bore our burden for us on the cross.”

About two hours into the hike we knew it was going to be much harder than anticipated. We were already tired and hungry. Our water was on a mule behind us and our food on a mule in front of us. When we stopped at the point where we were to enter the jungle, we pulled all the apples out of our packs, and then the water arrived. We prayed the Lord would do a miracle with our nine apples and five gallons of water, and He did! The apples stretched enough to satisfy and the five gallons filled thirty four water bottles! The Lord was our provider.

Life here on the mountaintop, has settled into a routine. We have overcome a few challenges, such as the empty water cistern. The pipe broke, and the team had to hall water down a very slippery slope, but the people of the village fixed it, and we are blessed with flowing water again.

The weather has been very comfortable. High 80’s during the day to low 70’s during the night. The humidity comes and goes, but is not oppressive.

The team has started working on the feeding center, and work is progressing quickly. Thomas is working hard to keep twenty-five teens busy on the project. They are using large premade adobe blocks, and they are already on the ninth layer! Alex, Sam, Tori, Luke W, Mikayla, and Moriah are showing themselves to be very persistant in the repetitive job of laying mortar and block.

Last night (Tuesday) the team went down a hill to a small church and did their presentation. Jackie did a fantastic job translating for Bekah while she gave her testimony. The team was blessed to try authentic Honduran coffee at the meet and greet afterwords.

We are also cooking mostly in true mountain style over a fire. Noah and Sawyer are very faithful to gather fire wood. Jada has been very helpful in the kitchen on KP with her enthusiamim to take our dirty post and make them shiny and clean. Sawyer (leader) is and endless source of creative ideas and enthusiasim.

The team is all healthy again! Ryan is excited to be ahead in his memory verses. Christy faithfully shows the fruits of the spirit in how she quietly ministers to the team. Josh has excelled in helping keep the team supplies organized and is always offering to help in his free time.

The team will continue to work on the feeding center. Sunday we are going to a church to do our presentation. Ramero is teaching the team a new drama that they are excited to use in the near future.

All in all, God has blessed us in our time on the mountain top and we are learning new things every day. We wish we could send pictures, but we do not have internet at the top of the mountain.


  1. It brought tears to my eyes as I read this last report. Not out of sadness, but with a sense of pride at the incredible strength that the teens are showing as they continue on this wonderful adventure that God is taking them on. What hope we have when we watch our youth reach out and give of themselves in such a dynamic way. May God continue to bless the work you are doing, the lives you are touching, and keep you all healthy and bring you home safe.

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