Things Are Going Well With The Zimbabwe Team!

Zimbabwe 7:23Things are going very well with our team. After breakfast devos and daily pack up, we load into the back of the truck for the hour journey to where we are holding a clinic. The roads are very dusty, so we all get into either a poncho or hoody to keep the dust off of us. The morning ride is not as dusty as the evening. We usually return home each night a different color as we are covered in dust.  

So far, we have given out 280 pair of eyeglasses and have helped that many or more medically. We have many older patients so we put deep heat rub on their sore knees and backs, give them eye drops and sometimes give pain meds. We have had many older people come who are in great need of cataract surgery but have no means to pay for it. It is rather sad.  

After three hours of clinic rotating between eyeglass and medical, we do a presentation for the children at the nearby school. We have had as many as 260 kids. They love the puppets, songs and games. We have been visiting the areas that the MSSM circuit riders minister to and they have been helping translate for us. We have learned how to greet in the tribal language. One day this week the women of the community fed us a meal of sudsa (a cornmeal based staple) beans and meat. It was so kind and the ladies were so thrilled to serve us.  

A few of the team have had heart touching moments:

A little girl came to me during the games and held my hand the entire time we were with the kids.  When it was time for us to leave she told me I was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen and she would never forget me, she hugged and kissed me. It really touched my heart. -Moriah

I love seeing the joy on someone’s face when they realize they can see clearer with the eyeglasses.  -Abby

An old man really touched my heart. He had a broken ankle and other health issues  but could not afford care. – Leslie

We have had many times of both joy and tears as we see the difference we are making. Just today an old man was shouting and jumping after he got his eyeglasses. It also breaks our hearts when the people have serious medical needs they can’t afford. We pray with each person we minister to and trust the Lord for their lives.  

It’s neat to see which part of the ministry the kids are excellent at. Charles, Moriah, Abby are great with the kids. Brandon is our organizer. Hannah, Jennie, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Grayson and Madison are good at eyeglass fitting. Maddie is great at organizing the glasses and getting the correct pair to each person. Leslie, Alexis, Emileigh and Sadie are good at medical.  Everyone rotates and they all seem to love the children.  

We are really enjoying our fellowship with each other as well.  We laugh much. 

We have had a few with head colds. It seems to be on the mend. We have had some salt water gargling times and we are eating plenty of fresh oranges.  

We look forward to all the Lord has for us while we are here. Thank you for your prayers.   

These are some of the greatest teens on the planet !!!!


  1. Grayson, sounds like a taste of heaven, living for the Lord’s purposes every day!. Share His love and have fun. We are rejoicing over you, and so grateful for your beautiful team!! Grammie

  2. Grayson, we miss you so much!! Maddie cantered up Giogrande’s on Jack, alone, just her and Jack and the creation, and she loved it!! She said she and Jack were totally in sync, a real thrill. I am so proud of you, and can’t wait to see you in France!! The Rubins leave today. We go to France on Friday. We have loved your letters. You are precious to me and to Jesus. xxoo Grammie

  3. Praise the LORD and thank you for the update! Love the picture but cant see Sadie—-so glad things are going well! Thank you again and many Blessings to all of you! Carole Nolan (Sadies grandma!)

  4. what a wonderful update! Was praying to hear from the team today as I am leaving on a mission trip and will not have access to Internet daily. Sounds like everybody is doing great and that God is doing wonderful things in the lives of the the team and the people they are serving.

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