Yea! We Have A Madagascar Report!

11742901_10153003190683457_4269635344601273495_nThis week has flown by so far, and today we are packing up in preparation for the next three days on the circuit. The team rode out yesterday (Wednesday), and today we are heading out to spend the next two nights in tents and run Sunday schools during the days.
After that, we are planning to road-trip to a scenic waterfall here in Madagascar and spend two nights there sight-seeing and team bonding. The team is definitely adjusting and improving on the bikes, and the Sunday Schools are running smoothly. We praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of everyone!
Please continue to pray for safety and growth.
Yesterday we went on our second circuit. Our bikes kept having problems on the way over, so our frequent stopping was discouraging, and I started to feel like we should give up and go back to the base. When we finally got to the circuit, I was discouraged, frustrated, and tired. But as soon as I saw the big smiles and joyful laughter of the kids there, I remembered why we come, and all of my negative emotions turned to joy. Being able to love on these kids is my favorite thing in the world, and is worth anything. I can’t wait to go out to the circuits over the next couple days, and continue to see how God will work. -Kimberly K. 
God is so good! He has shown me again how faithful He is in prayer. He is stretching me and teaching me more and more. Sometimes it doesn’t feel so good, but I know God has the best for me in mind. -Levi P. 

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  1. christy stewart

    I hope that your trip on the circuit and the scenic waterfall was wonderful! We are thinking about and praying for you all the time. Hope to hear another update after you return!

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