The Australia PT Team Continues To Work Hard!

unnamedWe’re having a great time here at Teen Missions Australia. It’s been cold and rainy in the mornings but the afternoons are beautifully clear. The laundry’s been having a tough time drying but we stay nice and dry. When the weather permits, Lucas and some of the others have been continuing to lay the sidewalk at the work site. Gracie and Ellysia have been sanding poles in the partially completed building the teens worked on while they were here. It’s all coming along slowly but nicely. 

Yesterday we went to a public school in town and helped teach Religious Instruction. Here in Australia they are taught about all different religions so that the kids can choose what they want to believe. All of the kids gave their testimonies and some, such as Maddy, for the first time this summer. Chloe narrated interactive stories of David and Goliath, with Sam O as Goliath, much to the students’ amusement and Spicer led them in some motion songs that were taught him during Boot Camp in Florida and the kids were all shocked to hear of his ten siblings, which is almost unheard of here in Australia. Josh believes that Australia treats are so much tastier than American ones. When asked what they loved most about Australia, many said they loved the kangaroos and the beautiful landscape that we have enjoyed here and the bird calls that serenade us every morning.

We finally have a guitar to use during group devotions in the evening so our song time has much improved. They love putting each other in the “hot seat” after they give their testimonies, asking them any question their heart desires. Caleb was the center of attention last night when he gave his testimony. The sole of Abraham’s boot came off but with the invention of duct tape we have temporarily fixed it and he’s walking around just fine now. Semaj is excited for Saturday’s celebration of Christmas in July. We are inviting the Base Coordinator and his family, along with all of the BMW students, to dinner and a game night to follow. With the help of Sammy C and Lorelai, we’ve compiled a list of games to play. It will be a fun night of food and laughter. 

Spicer: I liked how happy the kids were. Not as happy as the kids in Malawi, but they were happy. I was a little excited to see people from a different continent.

Gracie: I wish we did [RI] in America… because then people know Jesus.unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-1



  1. Hello baby girl. Thinking about you. Praying and praising God for you and team. I get to see you in just about one week!! I’m so very excited !!! I love you to Jesus and back. Love momma

  2. Maddy, we sure are missing you around here!!! Can’t wait for you to be back. If your mom wants to wait for her birthday supper we will do it when you get home. Everyone is fine here and we are praying for you and the team. Just a few more days till you start home!!! Talk to you later!
    Love you so much!! Ninna

  3. Chloe, You look so “industrial” with that power sander!! You are doing amazing work and I’m so proud of you! Hug a koala for me!
    Praying for you all and sending you positive thoughts!

    Aunt Darcy

  4. Love you Lucas Alan Mininger jr. We are praying for you to have fun, be safe, grow in godliness and wisdom, and to know Jesus every day. Love, Uncle Stacy and Aunt Abi.

  5. Hi Lorelia,
    So glad to hear that things are going well & building projects are coming along. It’s cold & rainy like here in winter so I imagine you feel like it’s home. Ha ha love you & continuing to pray fb or you & your team. Lynn

  6. Maddy Grace we miss you but cannot wait to hear from you and hug you! Remember our bible quote… James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

    You are my gift!

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