The Indiana Team Is Seeing Fruit!

Indiana 7:24#3I say wow! It is July 23rd! I bet you are all looking forward to seeing your children! You will be seeing them next month, how awesome is that? They often talk about you, and how much they miss you all! 

God is good and the team is sharing that goodness with all the fairs! The whole team has been encouraged by the amount of people we’ve been able to reach and also the amount of men and women who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! 
We leaders are often encouraged by the wisdom and passion your children have for the lost. Ky Beyer is creative in the way he reaches out to people. Stryker gets out there and stops people in their tracks to hand out a track or take a survey. Katie Trapp has a lot of wisdom on how to reach the young woman here at the fairs. Carolyn has such a love and heart for those she speaks with. Josh Babb is zealous for getting the Gospel out, as he would say #zeal. Although Venson is new here and just jumping in, he did it without hesitation! Grace has such a calm and gentle way of reaching people. Eva shows such care and excitement for reaching the lost. Alana is quiet when waiting but quite vocal when sharing. Richie has a caring demeanor for those walking by. Abigail has a sensitivity to struggles that the team and others have. 
The team often turns to the Lord in prayer whenever there is a need or struggle. This group is a praying team and I praise the Lord for them. 
“So I wasn’t planning on being part of this team, but God had other plans. I was originally part of a different team, but I didn’t have the paperwork to leave the country so I joined the Indiana team like two days ago. And already I can see God working in awesome ways. I’ve had the opportunity to share Jesus with some awesome people, and it’s just really cool to see how God is working in peoples lives.” -Venson
“So far the fair share has been amazing but difficult. It’s amazing to see God working through others. There is a lot of spiritual warfare. It’s hard to have a good attitude when your tired and rushed but in the end it’s awesome to see your team struggle and grow with you. A lot of times I just want to quit but I can’t because God put me here so I will stay strong because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Katie Trapp
Praise the Lord with us as we praise Him for allowing us to have shared with 1733 people, 172 of which made a decision to accept Christ and their Lord and Savior. I know I speak for the whole team when I say all glory goes to God.Indiana 7:24#2 Indiana 7:24#1


  1. Follow-up is done by the local Pastors in that county. Triple T partners with local churches in order to provide the follow up. We do our best to get their information and then connect them with a Pastor.

  2. Katie,
    It is so wonderful to read about you and this amazing team! I know your whole family has been missing you like crazy but we are all so proud of you as you change lives for others.
    Peace, prayers and love,
    Gma T

  3. Wow! One hundred seventy-two people came to Christ? That is such an exciting adventure you have helped them begin. What type of follow-up is there for these people? Are they given a connection in their own hometown to connect with a church? We’re so proud of all
    of the team!!

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