The Ireland Team Has Been Working Hard!

unnamed-6The Ireland Preteen Team has finished weeding the front flower bed and is working on other areas. The kids are not fond of the ivy (roots are hard to get out) or the berries (scratches from the thorns), but they keep at it and have done a good job.
The whole team has been involved with concrete the past few days. We packed six inches of sand around our “giant” rock and poured concrete in a box around it on Wednesday. We are thankful for two volunteers here at Ireland Outreach who helped us. Our team is not tall enough to reach the opening of the cement mixer and also could not lift the buckets of concrete up to pour around the rock. They were kept busy hauling rock and sand to the mixer and monitoring the water. The mixed concrete was poured into 5-gal buckets placed in wheelbarrows, which they then wheeled to the “rock” room. Miss Julie (leader) and Mr. Daniel (Ireland Outreach volunteer) lifted the buckets up to pour into the form around the rock.
Thursday was spent getting the next area prepared for a pour, as well as more weeding of flower beds. Today (Friday) the team poured an areal approximately 7′ by 9′. This one was easier in that they did not have to wheelbarrow the concrete to another area. It was a long and busy morning, but they got it done! This afternoon they practiced puppets to be ready for our church presentation on Sunday.
And now a word from our team members:
Claire: It is really cold but I love it in Ireland. I really miss you guys. We have been digging weeds in a flower bed. We went to church and had a lot of fun. Love and miss all of you guys.
Kaitlyn: Today (Wednesday) we poured concrete. It was crazy! It was also kind of fun though because it was my first time doing anything like that. The weather has been great here in Ireland and it rained a little ‘m having a lot of fun here but I miss my family like crazy. Love you guys!
Emilie: We have been pouring concrete and working on weeding a rose garden. It has been hard work but we’ve also had lots of fun. The food is amazing yet I miss my family.
Hannah B: Yesterday we poured concrete. We worked really hard. God gave us strength to persevere! The weather here is cold but considering where we came from (Florida) it is amazing. I miss my family. Love you guys!
Matthew: Yesterday was a tough work day, we were pouring concrete all day. But shoveling gravel rocked! The food was especially good- we had pancake cake with M&M’s in it for breakfast, shepherds pie for lunch and fried spam for dinner. You’d be surprised how good spam is when it’s fried! Although I really miss my family, I’m really glad I decided o go on this trip.
Amanda: We are all having a great time here, and the work project is going great. We have filled a whole section and waiting to do more. Last weekend we handed out tracts to a lot of people, and most people enjoyed them. We are getting excited about traveling but also savoring our last days here . . . Hi Mom, Dad, Lyndsay, Justin, Ashlyn and Pax!
Savanah: We got to pour concrete! We handed out tracts and had  picnic at the park. We have been having a lot of fun here in Ireland. Hi DuBois and Earl Family. . . I love and miss y’all. We are getting happy to go home but we also love it here in Ireland. Love Y’all
Caleb: We are having a lot of fun. We have weeded a flower bed, poured concrete and have gotten ready to pour some more concrete.
Hannah H: The concrete was hard work, but all the food ws great. dumpig the bucket of gravel into the mixer was hard when I did it on my own.
P.S. All the kids have missed their families, but are doing OK. A few have not received any mail.
 Please write to them at the Florida address so they will get mail at Debrief. Thanks.
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  1. Have enjoyed all the updates. Wake up each day to pray for the team. To each of you, thank you for your commitment. I had one of the best life experiences of my life with Teen Missions. May God continue ue to bless you with His strength.

    “Miss Gwen”

  2. What beautiful faces…so nice to see the kids are working hard. They look so professional in their hard hats! Keep up the good work Team Ireland and continue to seek God in everything you do…even pouring concrete & weeding flower beds 🙂 Your lives will be richly blessed as you do. Until we see your faces, know you are all being prayed for!

    Kaitlyn, you are loved and missed. We will see you soon!

    Momma & Bubba, Nana, Papa, and Best Friend

  3. What a great group of kids! To Simon Oliver, keep up the hard work for the Lord and His kingdom! Prayers and hugs from South Carolina for the rest of your time in Ireland and for safe travels. I know you have been a blessing to your team and others, and I know the Lord will bless you for His obedience to this calling.

    Chris, Melissa, Carson, and Mattie

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