The Trinidad Team Is Involved In VBS

11231689_10153003193543457_1817050246448642261_nMonday started VBS here, and there are about 50 kids coming. Half of our team helps with VBS while the other half works on the project every other day. The team has done well interacting with the kids. They have taught us some new songs and we have taught them some new songs. Our team doing puppets has been a real treat also.
The project was pretty much on hold Tuesday because of rain, but we have caught up and are ready to pour concrete tomorrow on a 150′ drain that we have been digging for the past several days. Starting Monday, the team is really excited about laying blocks on the drain as well.
The church continues to bless us with Trinidad meals. This week we had Roti Bussupshut, translated torn shirt and is a shredded type of bread. Along with that curried chicken and potatoes and pastries
Some highlights from the team members: 
Marissa is happy to be in Trinidad and has enjoyed meeting new people.
Abby loves the Trinidad food and had a great time at the beach.
Morgan has been grateful to be able to help in the VBS.
Ariel enjoyed the beach and eating shark.
Benjamin likes the variety of lizards and being able to go to the beach.
Yaa enjoyed swimming in the Caribbean with her friends.
Stuart likes helping in VBS too.
Timothy loves the mango and bananas and “Chubbies” (a soft drink)
Grant likes the different foods and getting to move the large sand piles on the work project.
Sophia enjoys getting to know new people here.
Neylan is really thankful to be able to serve here in Trinidad.
Sharisse loved the beach and the church services.
Mikeala likes the different foods and holding the rabbits.
Lauren enjoys helping with the little kids at VBS.
Alexis liked the beach and food as well.
Caleb L. has appreciated the food, being in Trinidad and having a real shower.
Michael likes the food and church services.
Josh loves the candy and all the digging that we get to do.
Caleb T. liked the beach and eating shark.
Grace appreciated the food and getting to help in VBS. 
Neena loves all the nice people here.
Jared and Calvin also love all the different foods.
Future plans include shopping on Saturday and a bird sanctuary on Sunday.

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