A Report From Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe 7:23We continue with daily ministry. We had six straight days of ministry from 9-4. We have given out over 600 pair of eyeglasses and have assisted over 800 medically. We then do children’s ministry.  In total we have done presentations for over 3,000 people. Some of the children and old folks really grab our hearts.  

Sunday we walked to an area church where we did a presentation. It was attended by 1,000 people. It was interesting to see them auction off two chickens at the end of the service.  

Saturday night we had a fun night. Mr Maher popped us popcorn and we divided into three groups to do various skits. We shared lots of laughter.  We have these turkeys on the base that are very entertaining. The boys yell gobble gobble at them and they gobble back.  

Hannah shared in devos the other night that she is learning so much here and growing in the Lord.   

I have learned that I take my sight for granted. It’s so amazing how the people’s faces light up when they can see- Brandon

It is so sad that many of the people here cannot afford a simple medical procedure that would be live changing. It just makes me want to hurry and get to the mission field- Elizabeth 

The weather has been very cold. We girls are so glad we have tights for under the skirts. Today it was cold and windy. We took a tour of the base today as it was the first time we had the opportunity. It is a beautiful base    

Sarah and Eliza are both doing well as assistant leaders.   

The entire team is doing well and enjoying each new day. 

Thank you for the mail, the prayers and your continued love.  


  1. So nice to come home from Haiti and see a report on the team! Glad that God is using all of you in amazing ways.

    Robin (Sarah’s mom)

  2. We’ve been praying for all of you every day, sometimes even in the middle of the night! 🙂 We miss Madison so much, but are so proud of her and the entire team for choosing to spend the summer serving others. We pray God’s blessings on all of you!
    Much Love,
    Madison Williams’ mom

  3. The whole JILGM Church worldwide are interceding for you Zimbabwe Team. You are indeed the Hands and Feet of the Lord. So blessed that my son is part of this team.- Charles’ mom

  4. Praying for you every day! Thanking God that you are able to bless so many. May your lives be changed forever!!! Brandon’s Mom

  5. I’m sure you’re all enjoying the cool weather since being in the Florida swamp for 2 weeks! It sounds like you’re all letting your light shine before men that they will see your good works and praise your Father in Heaven!

    We are praying for you all!

  6. MArilyn Temple Valkema

    I am so proud of you Zimbabwe team! Praying for you many times every day. I miss you Emileigh Anne Temple!! Big hugs and lots of kisses to my baby girl.

    Emileigh’s mom

  7. So blessed that things are going well! GOD IS GOOD! Still havent seen Sadie on that truck! 🙂 Blessings to all, In JESUS , Sadies Grandma

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