A Uganda Report!

Uganda 7:29-1Greetings from all of us here in Uganda! 

The team is doing well. We have been learning to be ready in every situation to do a presentation and share the Gospel. Any given day we might be working on the project and all of the sudden we hear of an opportunity to share at a school and an hour later we are all cleaned up, rehearsed and sharing Christ at another school. Then it’s straight back to work for the rest of the afternoon. Every day is packed with activity!

The schools here are in final exams now. Some schools are now closed and the kids are on break for the next few weeks. Last week we were able to squeeze in presentations after the class was done with their exam. 

This week we will be more focused on the work project. The BMW students have rearranged their schedule to be able to work with us as we build scaffolding, create forms and pour the ring beam. We have seen a lot accomplished even in one day and it is encouraging to see the progress. Today, the team has been busy cutting trees from the forest and nailing together the scaffolding. 

We will still have ministry on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.

Savannah’s parents stopped by for a few hours to visit. It was great to see them, the team was so excited to spend some time with them, and we were sorry to see them go so soon. 

Maggie Chimbila has been busy sewing chitenge skirts, purses, pants, necklaces and more, just for us! The team was able to pick out material and make a custom order. All the proceeds go towards the sewing ministry here at the base. 

There are a few runny noses and some congestion, but other than that, everyone is healthy. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

From the Team:

Caden-Soccer is so much fun and the MSSM Sunday Schools are so fun. We went to town and all the toys and things are so cool.

Levi-We’ve been playing soccer on the weekends and it’s been pretty great. Today we played soccer in a rainstorm and it was ridiculous. We could have practically been playing slip and slide. My legs are super sore from slide tackling and such, but it’s definitely worth it.

Ashton-This past week has been a series of ups and downs. Although doing the work project isn’t the most fun, I made the choice a few days ago to make the best of any situation. So while we work we will sing and at least try to have fun. I love Africa, but I’m also ready to see my family.

Hannah-Well, my first week in Uganda was great, but also very tiring. Even though I hated doing all of the construction, I knew it was for a good reason. I loved getting to know a couple of the BMW students, they were so sweet and I loved hearing about their lives. I love the people here so much and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of my time. I also loved so much going to all of the schools and seeing the beautiful children and playing soccer again.

Savannah-Today in church was amazing. We had a fantastic worship service. Afterwards we did verse review and then we got to play soccer. It was pouring down rain, but we still played. We also got to play with the native kids. It has been amazing.

Joshua-It has been amazing doing all these presentations and soccer. We also got work done on the project.

Sara S.-Everything is going great! Looking forward to souvenir shopping next week. We’ve made a lot of progress on the building this week. MSSM has been going well-still needs a little work;) haha. Everyone is healthy and doing fine.

Sadie-Hey Hey Mama and Daddy- It’s hard to describe the beauty of this place. The people are warm and welcoming. The kids love to smile and wave and then hold your hand. We go out and play soccer every Saturday with the kids and have EV during the week where we go to different schools and tell people about Christ. Every morning we work on construction of the dining hall, I’ve gotten really good at steeltying, I might just put it on my resume. I miss you all so much it hurts.

Katie C.-Hi mom, Eric and whoever else reads these. At the beginning of this past week I was feeling really down and felt like I shouldn’t be here. But through our evangelism presentations and my friendships here, God has shown me that I really do belong here. We’ve been able to interact with so many people and bring them to Christ. (By the way, I have a new bunny, Twitchy 2.0)Uganda 7:29-2

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  1. What amazing stories the team have share I have been bless to he hear what God is doing through the team. I know that many of the children are touch by you love.
    Praying for you all that God keep you safe and in good health.
    What an awesome God we serve.

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