An Update From The Guatemala Team

11701118_10153003188878457_1560968154407592491_nAfter a very fun weekend, we are back to work! This past weekend Hannah E., Christiana, and Ethan gave their testimonies at church on Sunday morning. We also did a drama for the Nuevo Reto church. Following the church service, we played another game of soccer! The kids really love to play with the nationals and it’s so fun when we all intermix and really get to know them better as we play!
Saturday was our first time getting to visit La Esperanza! We got to evangelize in this place where less fortunate people live. A little girl ran up to Logan and kept saying things to her in Spanish. When Logan asked a translater to tell her what the little girl was saying, she found out that she was trying to tell her that this was a bad place, but we bring hope! This really made Logan and other team members excited to be there. We played soccer with the little kids, did puppet shows, and taught them some of our songs that we learned at boot camp! Our team members are so excited to go back this Saturday!
Aliza ran our devotios last night and shared about her previous trips to Africa. Alex played the guitar and lead us in worship last night during devotions. We allowed the kids to go around and give testimonies about their experiences since they have been with Teen Missions. 
Pastor Jacob shared yesterday in church how God is providing for the Nuevo Reto! Teen Missions brought money for the roof of the dormitory that we are building, but it wasn’t enough. Unfortunatily, you can’t just build half a roof and do the rest later. It has to be done all at once. Pastor Jacob told us that God came through anyways. Some how God provided the money and there will be a roof over their heads! God not only provided for the Nuevo Reto, but also for Pastor Jacob personally. Last week was Pastor Jacobs birthday and it’s a tradition to share things with everyone. Even when it’s your birthday. Pastor Jacob wanted to celebrate with all of the Nuevo Reto kids and the Teen Missions kids, but there wasn’t enough cake for everyone. He didn’t have the money to go out and buy a cake for all of us to eat, but the Lord provided. The young missionary lady living with them bought some cake supplies to bake for everyone, and some of his relatives gave him some cake as well! We had enough cake to go around and some extra as well! 
The Lord has been providing in some amazing ways. We are very thankful for the prayers and the letters from home. Please keep praying for us as we get closer and closer to the day that we depart from Guatemala.

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