An Update From Vanuatu

Vanuatu 7:29-5The Vanuatu team continues to do well. Getting supplies up the mountain was hindered because of the wet weather. Pray that we continue to have dry weather so that the project can be completed. We have the foundation filled with dirt and the porch poured with concrete. We are ready to pour the two classroom floors as soon as we can get the stones to the top of the mountain. The team is getting better at the 30-minute hike up the mountain to the project. 
We have been very busy with doing presentations at the Independence Day Celebration (which is actually July 30), but is lasting for 10 days! We have done presentations for two nights so far and also for the children on Sunday morning and the adult service. The Vanuatu people really love the puppets especially! We may have more presentations this week. Also, there will be the finals for the “:football: tournament that has been going on all this week, on Thursday which is a holiday.
It is nice to be able to cross the road and you are at the South Pacific Ocean, to cool off after a hard day of work.
Time is going by quickly so pray that we will be able to complete the kindergarten. The Lord is good.Vanuatu 7:29-4 Vanuatu 7:29-3Vanuatu 7:29-1

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