Greetings From The Kilimanjaro Team!

11223652_10153003190663457_1647933617297639532_nGreetings from Tanzania!!!

We have reached the end of our work project time. We thank God for all the work that has been completed. We plastered walls in two small rooms and one very large room, and then paid cement floors in those rooms. The floor in the largest room has just been finished today!

Today marks a special day in our time in Tanzania, because it is our last day at the TMI base. Tomorrow we will load the truck and drive up to our next location, where we will set up a base camp. From there, we will be heading out to various villages doing whatever kind of evangelism we can do. 

Today we are preparing for that trip. We began our work day as usual, but we paused after breakfast to wash laundry so that it will be dry when we pack later this afternoon. All of our kitchen supplies and evangelism tools so need to be packed up to come with us. We will be out at our new location for one week. We plan to return to the TMI base next Tuesday, August 4. We’re very excited about this next stage of our trip and what God will do through us. We’re also a little sad about leaving this place that has so quickly become a home to us, and the Tanzanian BMW students who have become our friends here. They will certainly be in our hearts and prayers as we are separated from them. 

We thank God, too, for the fun opportunities we’ve had over the weekend. On Saturday we had the chance to go to Moshi and shop for souvenirs. Our first stop was a grocery store. I’ve never seen kids so excited about a grocery store before. Some team members purchased coffee and tea to give as presents at home, but most kids were excited about cold soda, a candy bar, or ice cream. Then we were off to buy souvenirs at several different stores. We were bombarded along the way by men trying  to sell us various souvenirs. That was a little overwhelming. We enjoyed seeing all the different wares and each person was able to find something – skirts, jewelry, paintings, carvings – there was something for everyone.  We returned home for supper, happy at having seen more of Tanzania. 

Sunday we had an other opportunity to bless and be blessed at a local congregation. We sang and used puppets in the Sunday School and then gave a presentation during the service. We were so grateful again for a translator in the church service. We even recognized a song or two that we could join in on. After the service we had a chance to socialize and we met a couple of people who are interested in the Tanzanian BMW school.

If you are praying for is, we thank you again for your faithful prayers. We ask that you pray for health and strength and safety as we begin hiking. Please pray that Jesus’ name would be proclaimed and glorified wherever we go.


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  1. I would like to say how proud I am of all these young people that they are allowing the Holy Spirit to guide their lives and to have an influence on the lives of the people they encounter. You are all in my prayers as well as your counselors.

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