Greetings From The Nepal Team!

Nepal 7:29-3Greetings from Kathmadu. There are signs everywhere that state “we will rise again!” There is beauty in the rubble here and a resiliency in the people.  

We are continuing our work here. The days have been dry so we can work and the rains mostly come at night. If we have good rains at night, we usually wake up to a beautiful view of the Himalayas  as you can see from the pictures. It is awesome and inspiring to see the wonder and beauty of God’s creation all around us. 

On Friday, we prepared a national meal with the staff and children here at Mendies Haven. We enjoyed fried chicken, french fries, fried rice, brownies and ice cream. We had such a good time fellowshipping together and playing games.  

Yesterday we attended a church service. It is special to see the Christians greet each other In a special way. They say “jamasee”
Instead of the the usual Namaste. After church we climbed hundreds of steps to the Buddhist monkey temple to see an incredible view of the city of Kathmandu and also to see the monkeys all around. We enjoyed a lunch of Mo-mos (steamed dumplings filled with either chicken, water buffalo, or vegetables in a spicy sauce!  They are very delicious!  We also bought cokes, chips and snacks at the supermarket. We then spent a few hours shopping for the last of our souvenirs in the Thamel market. Many bought knives, elephant pants, jackets and other handcrafted items.They team had fun bartering for the best price.  

Today we are all a little tired. Some are having some stomach issues but we are doing well.  

Also, today is the birthday of Binda, the youngest child here at Mendies Haven.She is five years old today and she is such a sweet precious little girl. The tradition here is for the one that is celebrating the birthday to pass out candy to everyone else.It was a blessing to watch her give everyone a piece of candy this morning before she left for school. 
On Friday we plan to go to Chitwan National Park. We will be taking a safari by elephant through the jungle. We hope to see rhinos and other animals. We also get to visit the elephant breeding center and play with young elephants. We will be staying overnight.  We are all very excited for this!

Keep your prayers coming!  The Lord is covering us!  We are so thankful for all of you and we miss you all very much.  
Elllen M: Nepal has been amazing. Today is Sunday which is normally the day of rest but here it is on Saturday. On Saturday we got to go to church and listen through a translator a wonderful sermon. Then afterward we got to go to the market which is full of all sorts of goodies including pants, ice cream, swords and many other things. Besides all the fun, I have been absorbing a new culture and growing in new friendships with everybody. This has been an amazing opportunity to grow in my faith. Watching the kids worship in song at the children’s home truly shows me the power and love of God. So much enlightenment has taken place during devos as I read the Bible.  All I hope and pray for now is that I can continue use all I have learned in my life in California as I enter a stressful senior year. 
Hannah P:  Hello from Nepal!  I have been having a great time here so far. I’ve loved getting to know the kids here a little bit. They are all really fun to play with. Later this week we are going on an elephant safari and I am really excited for that opportunity. I am so excited for the rest of the trip to see how God is going to use me and the team. 
Yaminel A;  we have been at Mendies Haven for about two weeks. This place is amazing. The children are so special and precious. Each one of them is lovely in their own way. We have also been doing work with Samaritans Purse. We have been taking down houses and helping those whose houses were affected by the earthquake. Nepal is beautiful and I feel so blessed to be here. Mendies Haven is a wonderful place. I hope to leave an impact here both in Nepal and with the children. My life has been changed and my eyes have been opened. I thank God every day for bringing me here.  I really feel blessed.
Nepal 7:29-5
Nepal 7:29-2 Nepal 7:29-4 Nepal 7:29-6 Nepal 7:29-1



  1. What a treasure to get these updates. Being able to visualize the daily of the team and Nepal, as well as hearing God grow the lives of his people from the U.S. and Nepal, brings much joy and amazement at the GREATNESS of Jehovah. So, He is growing us at home, through the service and love exemplified by this Team Nepal. Applause to you wonderful leaders for sitting at His feet, that you would lead wisely with grace and faithfulness. THANK YOU!
    Hugs and Hallelujahs go forth, with an extra big one for Isaac 🙂

  2. Thank you for all the info about the teams activities, they are doing such wonderful things. I do enjoy the pictures of the Haven, town and surroundings and of course, its wonderful to actually see the young folks in the pictures too. I always carefully scan them in hopes of getting a glimpse of my grandson Shad Brown, maybe I will see him in your next update.
    Bless All of You,
    A very pround Grandmother,
    Sharon Brown

  3. Incredibly moved my the update!! Praise the lord, he is so good!!!

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