Malawi II Has Reached Water!

Malawi 7:28-2Malawi II strikes water – Installs new fresh water well in Taliya village!

Greetings from Teen Missions Mangochi base on the shores of Lake Malawi!

Malawi II drilled to about 87 feet and then reamed the borehole to a 6″ diameter. We then lowered the well casing in 18-foot sections and attached them with PVC cement. The pump casing and rods were then installed and after attaching the pump, we began pumping. The was a steady flow of water immediately! We cleaned (developed) the well by hand as our submersible pump failed to work. The villagers watched with excitement and the chief expressed his appreciation. Mr. Steve was able to share the Gospel with the chief. He was also able to pray for him and his village. The team members enjoyed giving out some dolls and pillow case dresses to the moms and children before we left. God is so good!

On Sunday, we moved to the TMI base in Mangochi. We began drilling a second well for Heart of Faith AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit.  We went down about 11 feet the first day after digging out the mud pits for the drilling fluid. Some of the team began evangelism and games with the kids here as well. Last night, the team was asked to share a song and drama in the rally. There are 169 Malawian teens here at the base who just began their Boot Camp. We’ve had fun watching them run the OC. We only have three work days left and then it will be time to return to Chipoka for a chance to shop and go to the game park.

Hey guys!  This is Hosanna speaking. We’ve already finished our first well and we we’re really excited to put the pump in and be able to get water from it.  We were not able to see other people use it because the water wasn’t clear yet but it’s all done! We really love doing evangelism with the kids and seeing how excited they are about everything we have to share. I have been learning a lot from my devotions and group Bible studies. I don’t really get into God’s Word enough at home and it has been amazing. This’s all for now. 

Hey everyone! While I have been in Africa I’ve learned so much, I have learned many things ranging from spiritual to physical work. Every day while at the drill site my team mates and myself take turns working on our 2nd well and evangelizing with the children from the village we are in. As my time here in Africa progresses, I become more and more grateful for the life I live back home in the United States. Miss you guys… See you soon! -Sonya Larson #10Malawi 7:29-5 Malawi 7:29-3 Malawi 7:28-4 Malawi 7:28-1



  1. Great news to hear about the success of the well drilling. You guys are doing a great job. Much love from your family in California Lexi.

  2. Thank you so much for all the updates! I have enjoyed reading them and eagerly await the next one. Sonya I love you and so proud of you and your team. You are an amazing group of teens!!

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