The Australia PT Team Has Been Having Fun!

Australia PT 7:29-3The countdown until we go home has begun. In just five days we begin our journey home and the kids couldn’t be more excited. With the help of Abraham, Chloe, Semaj, Maddy, and Spicer, we’ve laid most of the sidewalk and we have approximately seven lengths left to go. Others have been sanding, painting, moving dirt, and doing other jobs around the base that need to be done. While they enjoy the work, they’re also very excited for it to end and return to America.

On Saturday evening we celebrated Christmas in July by having a feast of taco salad. We invited the BMW students, the base coordinators, and the two gentlemen who donated the land here to Teen Missions. After dinner we played a game of Capture the Flag in the dark before everyone left. It was a blast! My brave KP that day, Sam O and Lorelai, stuck it out through the many dishes that resulted in such a night and some of the students even stayed for our evening group devotions. All in all, it was a very successful night.

On Sunday, we went to Coolum Beach Baptist Church to help with the children’s ministry there. Even though there was a mis-communication and they didn’t know we were coming, it all worked out well and we were able to help during the Sunday service. Abraham narrated the David and Goliath skit and Chloe, Semaj, and Kaley gave their testimonies. The Australian kids even taught us a new song which Caleb and Josh loved. 

After church we had the opportunity to spend a couple hours on the beach. We packed a nice lunch and had a picnic on the beach. Ellysia and Gracie had a blast, even though the water was a bit chilly. When we got back to base we had verse review and then had a quiz off. Sammy C. was so quick to stand up from his seat for Team 1, but Lucas was giving him a run for his money on Team 2. At the end it was a very close quiz off, only twenty points separated the two teams. Team 1, which included Ellysia, Spicer, Maddy, Lorelai, Sammy, Abraham, and Sam O, came out on top though. 

We ended our day of rest listening to Kaley give her testimony and putting her on the “hot seat” asking her any questions that came to our minds. Just a few more days and then we return to the warm Florida summer. It’s been a blast here but it shall soon be over. We’ve felt your thoughts and prayers on us this entire time and feel blessed to have had the chance to be here.Australia PT 7:29-2 Australia PT 7:29-1


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  1. .prayers for maddie and the whole team for a safe trip home. May the lord bless each of you. Love you.

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