The Ireland PT Team Continues To Be Busy

Ireland#4It’s been a busy few days. Friday we poured half of the area that we took the swing-set out of. That was a most of the day project. Fortunately we did not have to eat our meals on the installment plan where two eat at a time so we can keep the concrete going. On Saturday we saw a bit of Ireland when we went with the Ireland Outreach staff to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park where we got to see several old buildings from medieval times up to the 1800’s. We also stopped at the Irish Stud and learned about Irish racehorses. And of course, souvenir shopping was a highlight.

Sunday found us at church again. The team did a presentation using puppets and sang some songs. When the music was inadvertently left behind, the team simply sang the words to the puppet songs and did quite well. Since Sunday was a rainy day, we spent the remainder of the day doing verse review and quizzing. Monday found us doing concrete again all day long. We finished pouring the last of the concrete to cover our “growing rock”. Everyone slept well that night!
And now a word from our team members:
Ensley: Hey Mom & Dad! I am having lots of fun and today should be our last day of doing concrete. We have accomplished a lot; yesterday Hannah, Rachael and I were KP but we still had to work because it was concrete day. I am so sad that our trip is coming to an end but I can’t wait to see you guys! Love you guys!
Sigga: Hi. We finished covering the growing rock so now we only have to do half of where the swing was! It’s very fun but I can’t wait to be home.
Amanda: We are winding down now, only a couple more days till we head out. We have especially enjoyed these last two days. We loved going to the castle and shopping. We will be going to leave on Saturday REALLY EARLY. Please pray that we will get our work project done, safe travels and getting all packed up. See you soon Mom and Dad!
Hannah H: We went in a castle and now we are finishing our concrete work, than we will be heading out in a few days. Church was great yesterday. Mr. Yost’s talk about the Tabernacle was awesome to listen to. And I can’t wait till Thursday when teh church has an ice-cream party with us.
Simon: Two days ago we went to a castle and we got a tour of it. We also went to a Japanese garden and it was really fun. Wen we went ot church yesterday I was the only team member allowed to go to Sunday school.  [our youngest team member went to Sunday school instead of staying in church with the others]
Claire: On Saturday we went souvenir shopping and sightseeing. We had lots of fun. Can’t wait to see you guys. Miss you.Ireland6 Ireland5 Ireland4 Ireland3 Ireland 7:29#2 Ireland 7:29#3 Ireland1 Ireland2 Ireland #1 Ireland#11 Ireland#10 Ireland#9 Ireland#6 Ireland#7 Ireland#8 Ireland#5


  1. Oh how I miss your sweet face and loud voice, Kaitlyn!! Life here is not the same without you!! Can’t wait to see you soon! Praying for you & your team!
    Love you,
    Aunt Lindsay aka Best Friend

  2. Your long arms are great….needed them at work today! I know you are excited about getting home….enjoy the time with your team…after 35 years, I still pray for my team members. Praying for each of you….

    Simon,s friend Miss Gwen

  3. Once again great picture….however, do you not show up for church Kaitlyn?? Every church picture so far has not had you in it. The one above has 11 kids….where’s number 12?? Looks like you are all working hard and having fun. Love all the goofy faces and smiles!
    Can’t wait to see you next week. Love and miss you

    Love, Momma

  4. Bud and Liz Plotts

    Oh my Matthew! It looks like you and your team are having many new experiences.Hard work with laughter! I like the way you all roll!
    Keep on keeping on young champions!Our prayers continue fervent and frequent!
    Mr.Bud and Miss Liz

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