A Short Report From Madagascar

11742901_10153003190683457_4269635344601273495_nThis week was eventful, and the team has countless pictures and memories to share. We finished up our 3 days moved out on the circuit, spent the night back at the base, and then left for 3 days of traveling and sight-seeing. We had the opportunity to explore the waterfall and surrounding caves. Words cannot express the amazing experience, and the team took tons of pictures to share a glimpse of the experience! We have been reminded how great our God is, and we are so thankful for this opportunity and for safe travels. On the way back to base we were able to stop at several villages and do our presentation of the gospel. Many people responded to the word preached, and we praise God and give Him all of the glory!! The team is looking forward to this next week spent out on the circuit. 

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  1. so glad the kids are safe missing my Amy

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