And Another Report From South Korea!

korea4The Korea team is having an exciting week!  On Sunday we moved into “the condos,” a highrise rental building that groups rent out to hold meetings and overnight retreats, much like a camp in the US.  Our team has been divided up into four separate rooms, each containing a kitchenette, full bath and open floor for us to sleep on.  On the floor above us sleeps 19 students who are attending a week-long english camp put on by CEF.  In addition to these 19 students there are 230 other children staying in this building who are attending other children’s camps through CEF, so there is a lot of excitement and laughter echoing through the halls.  
On Monday, we meet the students and evaluated their english proficiency then we divided them up into three separate groups.  We spent the day getting to know our students, developing “team names” and drawing a poster to post of our classroom door.  In the evening we spent time fellowshipping with the students.  Our missionaries had asked our team to help out so that they could pull the students out one-on-one and go through the wordless book and present the plan of salvation with each and every student that was there.  We were excited to have the opportunity to serve the CEF staff in such a manner that would allow them to spend more individualized time with each student.  Team members learned how to play Gonggi, a Korean children’s game played similar to jacks with small grape size plastic balls.  In addition to Gonggi, there was an exciting game of UNO going on and you could hear the words, “KAWI, BAWI, BO!” coming from multiple corners of the room as the students played a Korean version of Rock, Paper, Scissors with our team members.  
On Tuesday, we dove in headfirst into our week-long English curriculum. Each class has 6-7 students and 6-7 team members, so we have nearly a one-to-one ratio.  The team members are spending this week covering an established curriculum which is designed to reinforce the English that many of these students already have learned in school or after school academy.  The team members were relieved to discover that we did not have to develop our own lesson plans.  The team is spending about 6 hrs every day teaching english through the book curriculum, games and activities.  The team is taking every opportunity to present the Gospel with the students.  Today I overheard Miles asking a student about Jesus and the sacrifice He paid on the cross while he was playing a casual game of Gonggi with him.  Additionally, we have been sharing gospel stories in both English and Korean to the students.  Today we had the opportunity to preform 2 different dramas, which the students really enjoyed.
This evening we were given the opportunity to preform three different puppet songs with the entire CEF camp, all 230 students!  It was great to see the Korean children doing the choreography along with the team members.  The children were excited to see the puppets up on stage and we are praying that we have more opportunities to share with the entire camp.
Please continue to pray for our team that we will end the week strong.  Many team members are physically exhausted due to our long schedule with the English students and we pray that the Lord will grant us supernatural energy to make it through the week. We be leaving “the Condos” on Saturday and will return to the CEF offices.  Please pray for traveling mercies and that we will continue to have opportunities to minister and share Christ’s love with all that we come in contact with.
Below are some testimonies from team members about what the Lord’s been doing in their lives since arriving in Korea:
“So far this summer I couldn’t be happier with what God has done in my life.  Since being on this team, I have dove into God’s words a lot more and factually love talking about rand hearing God’s Word.  This summer I have also learned to tear apart God’s Word and understand it to it’s full meaning through one of my favorite classes, Bible Marking.  Coming into this summer I didn’t know if I wanted to fully surrender my life to the Lord, but through prayer and worship I now know that I fully want to serve the Lord and give Him my all.  I would like to thank all of my supporters and family and know I will be keeping you in my prayers.” – Miles
“This summer has been very special to me.  I feel like God has really been molding my heart into what He desires.  Though I may be ministering to the children, God’s using them to minister to me.” – Wynter
“I absolutely love Korea and it’s beautiful.  I love the kids and teaching with games, books and dramas.  The kids are willing to learn.  It’s awesome to see God work through us.” – Andrew
“Since arriving in Korea, we’ve already traveled some.  Some places were cool cities; others beautiful areas.  The consistency is the people; they’re really kind and loving and are really cool to work with.  That’s what I’ve learned about people; there are always god people.  I think God is really focusing me on the people, and that’s what I’ll stay focused on in this amazing country.” – Spencer
“Korea has been an amazing experience.  God has been working in me to desire to be more like Him.  Though there has been some struggles, the love of God prevails.  I really love meeting the natives of the land and being able to laugh, play and teach them.  In case you don’t know already, Korean kids are SO adorable and SO much fun to be around; they’re hard/diligent workers, but know how to have a good time.  The respect level continue to blow me away and it’s a really humbling experience to be able to working among the children whom God loves SO much, just as He loves you and me.” – Jasmine
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  1. I am praying for you all…that our Lord will touch each one of you in a way that will change your spiritual DNA forever. In the same way that you have left your mark in Korea by planting seeds, cultivating souls, and harvested joy for the love of Jesus, that Korea too has left it’s mark on you. I pray that your time there spent in devotions, delving into his Word, fellowship with one another, and your love being poured into the hearts and faces of the little ones leaves an indelible mark in you… a sort of “Jesus loves me” tattoo on your soul! (Please excuse the corniness :). Grace and peace to you.

    Dearest Lynette, we are missing you at home. I know that this journey has not been easy for you, especially with the year that you have had. At the same time, I see that this journey may have been exactly what you needed with the year you’ve had. I am so so proud of you. Your attitude appears healthy (and great) and you’ve grown in so many ways. I can’t wait to hear more and see your face. I know that you are enjoying every moment in Korea. I am so happy to hear that it has met your expectations and that you want to go back. Halmoni and Halabagi will be thrilled to hear all about it over our next dinner, so keep a good journal so we get every detail. Don’t be like Coby who was so tired and traumatized the first day of student trooper camp that he actually can’t remember any of the details…lol. By the way, that favor you asked me to do (PARTY!) is in full swing. We decided on a pig roast so it should be fun. It’ll be my first! And a great time to celebrate your return. I miss you. I am thinking of you and praying for you. With xoxoxo. Aunty JooRi

  2. It is so wonderful to hear your messages. I pray that the Lord would touch you each profoundly so that you come home and share your testimony. May God be with you all. And to my daughter Lynette, I love and miss you. You are always in my thoughts wondering how you are doing. Bless you my daughter.
    Dana Lavigne
    Lynette’s Mom

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