Hello From South Korea!

S. Korea3Hello from Cheonan Korea. As I write this update the team is busy packing up their belongings and organizing the food which Teen Missions sent us with in order to travel to our next location for ministry. Tomorrow we will be leaving the CEF offices to travel about 45 minutes into the “countryside” to conduct a CEF weeklong English camp. We will be staying in a Korean high-rise condominium which will be filled with over 200 children participating in CEF summer camps, including 20 who have chosen to participate in an English camp which we will be teaching. Please pray for us as we make this transition.  

As we reflect upon the past week, the team members enjoyed spending five days working directly alongside a local preschool to teach them more than English, but about the love of God. On Thursday, we accompanied the preschoolers on a field trip to local points of interest in the city of Cheonan. Each team member was paired with a 6 year old student and was responsible for them throughout the day. A highlight of the day for the team members was to share a lunch with their preschooler. Each little one brought a lunch for themselves and a team member. The team members enjoyed trying a typical Korean lunch of Gimbop and Kimchi. Finally on Friday, the team participated in a day-long English Festival which was put on by the school. Team members did face painting, bracket making, costume dress up & roll played arrival at the immigration department of the US. The preschoolers were accompanied by their parents as they traveled throughout the school participating in the activities and practicing their English which they had been working on all week. The children were adorable and the team members enjoyed interacting with their parents. We had the opportunity to give every preschooler a coloring book which told the story of the life of Christ in both English and Korean. We are praying that these interactions with our team will have a lasting impact on their lives. At the end of the day on Friday, as a “Thank You” from the preschool, the team was treated to a Korean BBQ. The food was amazing and the team enjoyed fellowshipping with the teachers and staff of the preschool.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.S. Korea4 S. Korea 1

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