Honduras Report 7/26

11737810_10153003189858457_7473652097246887982_nPer phone call: Team Honduras is keeping busy and is blessed with pleasant weather. We are having fun sleeping in the clouds and doing evening devotions under the stars. The team is enjoying good health today (Sunday). The majority of the team went on a long hike to two community churches. They prayed for several families along with a sick man. Seven people were saved.

Thursday, the team went down the hill to a small local church. Many had the opportunity to “get dirty for God” as they did two dramas which included kneeling and landing on wet ground. Michael, Cece, Mack, Meg, Sam and Moriah did the “Everything” drama and Josh, Anastasia, Caeli and Jada did “The Cage”. Romero led the service and preached the Gospel. One local young man accepted Christ as his Savior!

The feeding center is now complete with walls and the headers have been poured and the trusses constructed. We are waiting on roofing material. The team may get to go down the hill to help work on a foundation for a local church on Monday.

Tuesday, the team will be headed down the other side of the mountain to Agua Client. We will be staying in a church until August 1. The team will go daily on hikes to local villages to share the Gospel through their presentations. 

But wait…there’s more in the local news! Ago has been a blessing in her willingness to help whenever necessary. Grace has excelled at teaching new Spanish songs to the team to be use din their presentations. Madi loves playing with the local kids and they love her too. Tiffany is always willing to lend a listening ear and Payton is charismatic and good at keeping the team laughing. Ian is enjoying sharing his legs with many of the local boys.

We count our blessing daily in the little things such as enough water, potties with doors and roofs, mostly dry sleeping quarters and enough firewood to cook our meals. We are looking forward to how the Lord will use our team in the near future.

Caeli – The Lord has taught me that teamwork is important and He has shown me how to be a part of our team.

Tiffany – Trying to communicate with such language barrier can be frustrating. The Lord has been teaching me patience through this obstacle. Thanks to this, I have started bonding with the kids and I will never forget them.

Madi – Being in the mountains of Honduras, God has taught me patience. I have been getting a little annoyed by the fact that I know very little Spanish. But God has been helping me interact with the kids regardless.


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