Honduras Report 7/29

11737810_10153003189858457_7473652097246887982_nOur eyes have been fixated on God, because He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It feels as though there isn’t much of anything constant around here. Each day presents new challenges and trials—every one different from the last.

As Ceci put it, “Many of us have experienced as least one of the weaknesses on this trip. I found the amazing verse, II Corinthians 12:9, It is just amazing and wonderful to know that no matter where you are, we have a God Who is stronger and can help us through it all.”

Yesterday our team moved locations yet again and we are now in a beautiful village called Ageua Cliente. After the trek down the mountain, a new face of our mission begins to emerge. The team will be presenting at churches, schools and surrounding villages, some of which are a hop, skip and jump away, but others require hikes that will take all day. God has given us strength when we are weak and we know He will continue to do so again, for He is faithful. 

We are so proud of our team members, Becca, Madi, Caeli, Tiffany, Ceci and Moria, who, though struggling with the hikes, have fixed their eyes on the Lord for strength. They completed the hikes successfully and with the rest of the group! As we settle into our one-room church which houses all the team and the kitchen, we stand amazed at God’s goodness. Thomas, Alex, Noah and Payton have worked together to make a rollable tarp privacy wall.

Tiffany learned a new key roll in a drama and did an excellent joy performing in front of the church last night. Made, Jada, Mack and Meg had a blast exploring the stunning creek at the bottom of our site.

Alex had something to say about that, “God has been teaching me a lot through this trip. I have made many new friends. With the end coming up, I am excited to go home, but disappointed to leave my team. I see God’s presence here daily in all of the small churches and in the people we meet. My leaders and team are amazing and I am blessed to be here.”

Please continue to pray for the people we meet – that we would leave a little bit of Jesus wherever we go. On August 1 we will be moving further down the mountain to Mount Verde, where we will spend two day. So let us fix our eyes on Christ, the Author and perfecter of our faith.



  1. He will keep him In perfect peace those whose eyes are fixed on Him…

  2. GO HONDURAS TEAM,we love you and are in our Prayers.

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