The Forest Angels Team Is Working Hard And Having Fun!

FA4We are still making progress on our work projects here at the Teen Missions property. We have made great headway clearing out the trail. Thai, Jude, Nick, Jordan and Rosalyn pioneer the direction of the trail, Austin, Ally, Drew, and Jayden are doing the middle and Nathan, Elias, Diego and Isaac are perfecting the trail. We are using picks, mattocks, machetes and shovels. Jayden loves to use the shovel. Drew was excited to uproot a huge stump with a mattocks. Everyone has had a chance to use every tool. On Saturday we practiced our puppet show and presentation in the morning and in the afternoon we had ‘Watermelon Day’. For Watermelon Day we divided the team into two groups and had several games including Capture the Watermelon, Bible Memory Quiz Off, Fruit Ninja, and a Watermelon decorating Contest. Everyone had a blast. Sunday we went to a local church. At the church we did our presentation and enjoyed some fellowship with the church members. In the afternoon we went to Cocoa Village for a picnic. After we ate we went to the local shops to buy souvenirs. As we walked around, we passed out Gospel Tracts with people we met. This week is our last week. We are excited to make more progress on the trail and meet our goal. We also are working with House of Hope, an outreach ministry that provides food and clothing to those in need. 
We went to a church on Sunday and did our presentation. It was fun to get to meet people. Afterwards we went to Cocoa Village and did some evangelism and I learned the importance of sharing Gods love with people. -Austin Roots
I think that one of the most important things I am learning on this trip is to be thankful. Having to use buckets to flush and shower in Boot Camp does that to you…but really we have a lot more to be thankful for than a lot of people around the world. So I have learned to thank the Lord in everything I do. -Rosalyn Carter
Now that we are working every day on the trail, things have gotten a lot harder, but even though its hard, God makes everything possible. Like it says in Phillipians 4:13. Remember that God always helps you. -Isaac HallifaxFA5 FA3 FA2 FA1
I have been doing good here in Merritt Island Florida, but it is


  1. J ust an fyi its jordyn miller lol

  2. Keep up the good work Forest Angels! May God bless your work! Love you Budha! Julie

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