The Trinidad Team Is Finishing Up

Trinidad1VBS ended Friday which means the whole team was back to work. We finished pouring 100 yards of concrete. The church people and even our team was impressed at what they could accomplish together. 
We did try some souvenir shopping Saturday, but the capital was too busy and the only place we could get to was a mall.  
After church on Sunday we were treated to curried goat and chicken for lunch and then a swamp tour in a bird sanctuary.  We had a great time, for about an hour, going all over looking for birds.  We did not see a whole lot of birds, but we did see snakes in the trees!  We all had such fun riding all over the place seeing scarlet ibis and the snakes.
Monday, we worked hard on laying block on both sides of the concrete drain forming a channel. Originally we thought we were going to build a block wall here, so they were excited to be laying blocks after a couple weeks of digging trenches and moving sand.
Future plans include finishing up on our drain across the lot and topsoil on roadside drain and flying back to TMI on Saturday.Trinidad3 Trinidad2

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  1. So glad to see this! thank you! (That’s my girl Neylan working hard !)

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