A Short Update From Trinidad

11231689_10153003193543457_1817050246448642261_nBryan got to preach at one of the outreach churches in an area known as El Sorroco. It was especially fun because it is a Hindu area. The worship and preaching was in an audience of twelve, but many in the surrounding area would hear the gospel.
We filled the block webbing with concrete in all 220 blocks. We’ve had to pace ourselves because of the heat and humidity. The topsoil on the roadside drain is complete and for our last days we will be grading off the piles of dirt made by our digging.
The church hear has been blessed us over and over again with meals and treats and there’s a party planned for Friday. Wednesday night they took us done to another town for “Doubles” which is garbanzo beans in a sauce folded into a small fried flat bread- Yummy! 
Tonight we will go to our last service here. Pam, Erika and Sharon will give a short testimony, then Ben will preach. The team will sing some fun, action songs as well.
Future plans include finishing grading along the drain,picking up any loose ends and preparing to fly back to TMI come Saturday.

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