It Is Independence Day In Vanuatu!

Vanuatu 7:29-1Today is Independence Day in Vanuatu…35 years. There is much celebration and many “futball” and volleyball tournaments going on. There are little huts with shops in them selling a few items, though there isn’t much to buy here on Pentecost. We are looking forward to going to Port Vila to do a few hours of shopping before our flight out next Thursday. We finally received our last food bag last night…it will be a blessing this last week as it has hash browns, brown sugar, and other goodies! It came in on the boat.
We enjoyed our missionary, Silas, sharing last night in devotions about how he came to know the Lord and his ministry since then. He also taught us a song in Ampu so that we can sing it on the day that the village gives us a celebration next week, on our last day of work.
The project is going pretty good. Supplies are so hard to get up to the site, especially when it rains. It is hard enough when it is dry! We hope to get the roof on by the time we leave, but we are not sure. Pray that we can get as much done as possible so the kids can have a kindergarten there. The team has done really well with the 30-40 minute hike each way up the mountain to the project. We have done the hard work of getting the foundation done and the block started. We made blocks yesterday so they need to dry before we can use them.
We will be sharing with a number of churches on Sunday again this weekend. There are lots of local kids around, so sometimes during free time the team enjoys playing soccer with the boys. The weather is sometimes rainy in the morning, but it hasn’t been too bad on the work site. It is in the 80s. The breeze off the ocean is wonderful!
We were sad to hear that Venson was not able to come to Vanuatu, and hope to see him at Debrief. It is hard to believe that we leave one week today to travel back to Florida. We have enjoyed our time here with the Vanuatu people.
I am loving it here. The people are awesome, the place is beautiful. I have made some life long friends. Can’t wait to share more  -Alyssa
This place is amazing! The work is hard, but I’m not moving dirt so that’s good. Can’t wait to get home! -Caleb
We’ve been making a lot of progress at the work site, things are coming to a close. It’s all going by so fast! It’s been hard work, but I’m having a great time – Holly 
Working hard, having fun and growing in God. keeping on praying for health and encouragement throughout the rest of the trip. Love you all! – Josh
It’s a nice place and the relaxation has been nice. Hopefully I’ll be able to go up to the work site and do a little more. – Ethan 
One thing this trip has taught me is how out f shape I am. I have bruises all over. – Diana 
I am so glad I came on this trip. I’ve made so many friends and love Vanuatu. It’s so sad we are leaving in a week. – Naomi 
We all have been working hard and we are close to finishing our project. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.  – Kyle 
The work is hard, but rewarding. We got to present to the people here at their Independence celebration. I’m sad and excited to go home. It’s beautiful here, full of God’s beauty. Life is good in Vanuatu  -Victoria 
One thing that love about this place is how happy all the people are all the time and also out opportunity to help them by building the kinder building -Matt
Being here in Vanuatu makes me so happy! I have loved every moment we have spent with the people and on the work site. Some things have been hard, but God has given me the strength and the joy to keep going  -Ali
Vanuatu is great, God has given us some opportunities to serve Him in working and in evangelism at the Independence Celebration  – Owen 
We have the coolest trip of them all. Vanuatu is awesome, but really hot. The people are really nice  – Josh
 I have enjoyed my time in Vanuatu so much! I’m enjoying the challenge of working on our construction project on the top of the mountain, and I can’t wait to celebrate Vanuatu’s independence today!  – Emily

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