Our Last Week In Nepal

Nepal1Namaste y’all!

We are continuing to work here at Mendies Haven. We have demolished six houses in the village so far. It is a real eye-opening experience to see the people salvage everything from small sticks to bricks. One lady bundled every small stick that was laying around to save for use later. Everything is useful and needed here. 

We are trying to get our projects completed here at Mendies Haven since we have only one week left here. It’s hand to believe that our days here are so short. Although we miss family and the comforts of home, I think that all of us will be very heartbroken to leave the children here.  

Alex shared a great devotion on Tuesday night about loving those who annoy us and having patience with people. Last night Sophia shared her testimony. Monday night, George shared his favorite Proverbs and related them to the team. He also shared that he prayed to accept Christ that day! We are praising the Lord.for that!

The team is working hard and hopefully we are at the end of the stomach issues that have been afflicting us for the past few days.  Everyone is healthy and working at full strength today!

Tomorrow we leave for a trip to Chitwan National Park for a safari on elephants!  We are all very excited about this. We will stay overnight at the park in a hotel. They provide buffet meals for us and we will be entertained with a cultural dance and program tomorrow night. We will also visit the elephant breeding center where we will get to interact with young elephants. This will be an experience of a lifetime!  We can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Jahson celebrated his birthday yesterday. Some of the children gave him cards and he received birthday cards from his family at home as well.  e made him a special cake decorated with M&Ms. I am sure it will be a birthday he will not soon forget. 

The team members are enjoying serving their turn on KP. They are learning to bake bread, make English muffins and cook National foods.  

The view of the Himalayas is breathtaking here. We are in awe every morning that the skies are clear and we catch a glimpse of them.  

We will be back in the US in a little over a week. Leaving here will not be easy. Nepal has captivated our hearts. Your team members are growing closer to the Lord each day. It is a real blessing to hear them share how God is speaking to them through their daily devotion time. Keep praying for us that we will be a blessing to the people here 
From Jack Chitty:  We’ve been in Nepal almost three weeks now and I’m dreading leaving. I’m having so much fun with the Mendies kids and my team. Every morning we go out to someone’s house and help them, usually because their home has been damaged by the earthquake. I, as well as the other team members, have grown a lot closer to Christ on this trip.  At this point, I really want to come again!

From Madison Bobb:  Yesterday we made balloon animals for all the kids during our free time. We handed them out to them during their prayer time. It was funny to see their wide eyes in fear that they would pop while they were making them and such a blessing to see their eyes light up when we handed each one of them a balloon animal made especially for them.Nepal2 Nepal3 Nepal8 Nepal6 Nepal5 Nepal7



  1. How wonderful to be able to see what you all are doing as well as to read about it! God is evident in your work and in your hearts. May He comfort you all as you depart Nepal; through His Spirit He will help you to adjust to life in the USA again.

  2. Donald and Memy Hillman

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for your awareness of God presence and you will experience the glory of His goodness!!!

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