The Australia PT Team Is About Ready To Go!

Australia PT2The end is within sight for the Australia Preteen Team! With less than two days left until we fly back to America, we’ve begun the process of packing everything up here. The kitchen is being cleaned spotless and the only evidence the work site will bear of us being there is the progress we’ve made inside and outside. Everyone has worked so brilliantly on the tasks we’ve been assigned and we’re almost finished! God has blessed us immensely and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Yesterday we went and spoke at the Noosaville State School, sharing with the primary school children about Teen Missions and Christ. Kaley, Sammy C, and Semaj gave their testimonies while Spicer and Gracie helped to lead the children in motion songs they learned at Boot Camp. This was their last evangelistic outing here in Australia and our audience was amazingly cooperative. 

After the school, our bus driver took us to Hastings Street where the kids had the opportunity to buy souvenirs for their friends and family back home. Our head male leader took Sam O, Josh, Abraham, and Sammy C to the beach where they skipped rocks when they were bored with the shopping. Some of the girls also went out and played on the beach while we waited for the bus to come pick us up.

Finally, we traveled down the street to McDonald’s, or “Macca’s” as the Australians call it, for dinner. They ordered custom hamburgers and ate their “chips” with glee. I took Chloe and Maddy with me to Woolies to go grocery shopping for the last time and was talked into purchasing Vegemite by a BMW student.

After dinner, we tried the yeast-spread and they all hated it. Many of them spit it back up as soon as it touched their mouths. They cleansed their palates at the end of the night with make-shift s’mores around the bonfire. In Australia they don’t have graham crackers nor do they have much in the way of marshmallows so we improvised with Arrowroot crackers and a mix of strawberry and regular marshmallows. Abraham and Josh were our master roasters, making them for multiple people in the group. We sang around the campfire and Lorelai shared her testimony with us. 

Lucas is in the kitchen this morning with me cleaning this place spotless as well as preparing for the next two days of meals. Caleb got a pleasant surprise this morning when an empty egg was smashed over his head. Our time here is coming to a close and we are ready to go home to our family and friends. We thank you so much for your thoughts and support and covet your prayers as we travel back to Florida for Debrief.Australia PT3 Australia PT1


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