The Uganda Team Is Hard At Work!

Uganda5The Uganda Team is hard at work. All the forms have been made and are in place and today we are mixing and pouring the concrete. It will be the hardest and possibly the longest day of work yet. 

Wednesday we had the opportunity to visit a primary school and did an hour and a half presentation in front of 200 kids. The team did lots of songs, puppets, drama, phonics, a Bible verse and even acted out the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. All 200 kids came forward for prayer at the end. We finished the afternoon with games. 

Bo, Sadie, Katie R. and Sara S. have volunteered to help with the worship music on Sunday, so each evening they are learning songs and practicing together with the rest of the music team. 

Everyone is healthy. The weather has been a bit cloudy and cooler, especially at night, and many of us have to put on a sweatshirt.

We are looking forward to finishing up the work project in a few days and doing some shopping and sightseeing just before we fly back to Debrief.

From the Team:

Breanna-Hey friends and family! We have been working a lot the past few days constructing the dining hall. We have had a few opportunities also to do EV, when we go to a school or church and perform our songs, dramas and share the Gospel with the little kids. They swarm whenever they see a camera. I’ve been writing down, taking pictures and videos of all of my experiences here to share with you all in less than two weeks! I love you all, thank you for all your support and prayers.

Bo-Had KP today, sat around and did stuff, other guys had EV today, doing the praise and worship team on Sunday morning service, nine more days in Uganda, so sad. Brushing my teeth and using deodorant almost every day. Made the forms for the concrete for the roof, might be sick tomorrow.

Scott-I have had a really good time getting closer to both God and my team members.

Mitchell-This week we made a bunch of progress on our project and we have all been working very hard to finish before we leave. It’s been an amazing summer and I’ve grown so much closer to God.

Shelby Ann-Today our EV trip was so incredible that words could not describe. As a team, I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished! God’s light is showing in this dark world. I’m so excited to see how well we finish this trip. Hopefully we go out with a “bang”.

Katie R.-Hi mom and family! Things are going very well here in Uganda. This past week we have been working on our building project all day, and we went to do evangelism at a school on Wednesday. It was so awesome to be able to see the love of God shining through all of the children’s faces! I am having a wonderful time here, and am absolutely in love with this country and all it’s people. We are all doing great and having a good time. I love you and miss you all!

Nic-I’m writing this because I have to. We do work, sleep and eat. Can’t wait to get home. Love you mom, dad and Alex.

Sarah W.-I hope you are enjoying having Ryan home! UGANDA has been an amazing experience and I have loved every minute. Our work project is going well and our team is bonding quickly. The Lord has been teaching me a lot about my faith and I’m so glad I came. I have also been enjoying the many rats we have found in our rooms. I love you and miss you guys!

Andrew-This week of work has been good. I have learned so much since I got here…both in work and evangelism. God has made me realize that I am definitely not perfect. Although it is hard, God is changing my life for the better.Uganda2 Uganda1 Uganda3 Uganda


  1. The pictures are incredible! Getting to see all those beautiful faces is so cool. Thanks so much for the updates. It’s fun to hear how well the team is doing. 200 kids coming forward! Wow, God is moving in amazing ways. Much love to Shelby and the whole team!
    Jen and Scott Sticksel

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