A Guatemala Team Update

6We are drawing closer to the end of another week, and the progress on the work site is moving along! We have many kids very excited to see the progress that is being made! Beau says that he can’t believe how far we have come in such a short time, Addison stated that he loves seeing everything work together and his team work together! We have part of the roof up and we are working on getting the rest of the roof up. We have hopes that we will be laying cement on the roof before the weekend arrives.  Grace, Vivian, and Hannah Start are all back at the work site and they are all so excited to be helping out again! After all their rest they are more than ready to be back out with team! 
Joanna says that after hearing all the different testimonies from the team, she feels very blessed and encouraged. Both Mark and Karis will be giving their testimonies at church tomorrow night, where Pastor Jacob has arranged for us to visit a new church that we haven’t been to before! The kids love the transportation. It is quite the experience to ride the buses and walk around Guatemala! 
There are two different houses for this orphanage. Phase One and Phase Two are what they are called. In Phase One the little kids and older girls stay, as well as the teen missions group. In Phase Two there are the older boys. Last night the Phase Two boys had a special outing with other groups of boys. Since they were gone, we lost a big crowd at the Templo De La Gloria, which is the church that we attend every Sunday and Wednesday. So Pastor Jacob told us not to worry about singing or performing anything that night. He wanted to have a prayer meeting! It was so refreshing for us all to gather together and pray for one another. We prayed for all those who felt sick, both on our team and the children and workers at the Nuevo Reto Orphanage. We also prayed for the country of Guatemala. It was so neat to have our team be praying in English and the people of Templo De La Gloria praying in Spanish with one another!
We thank God that the weather has been very nice. We thank Him that the work is getting done. We thank Him for all the small blessings that we are receiving from the workers at Nuevo Reto and from Pastor Jacob himself. We thank God for each team member who has dedicated his or her summer to the Lord, and putting in all the hard work for this dormitory! We have so much to be thankful for! Please pray for us as we are nearing the last week of our stay! And may the Lord bless you!
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  1. So glad to hear that Grace and her friends are over their colds and back into things. Looks like everyone is having fun. What a great summer! Thanks so much for the updates. Very much appreciated!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so incredible, I had to gape at the pictures for a moment. The building looks so more complete, and this team has done great work. Enjoy Guatemala!

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