Ireland PT Is Packed And Ready To Go

IMG_1403[1]Ireland Preteens mission trip has come to an end. We have enjoyed our time here in Ireland and will miss everyone we’ve met here, but are looking forward to seeing our families again.
Tuesday night we invited the staff and other volunteers here at Ireland Outreach for dinner. Menu: Indian tacos with all the trimmings and rhubarb pie for dessert (cookies for the non-rhubarb eaters). Our dining room was crowded but everyone had a good time. Afterward everyone joined us for evening devos.
Wednesday was our last big concrete day. We had both cement mixers going and had a competition between the two teams. The pour got done in record time and the kids had a good time. That night we had a “crazy hair” day. The kids got quite creative in their hairdos.
Thursday we began some new projects and generally cleaned up the property. That night we had an ice cream social with the Ireland Outreach staff and volunteers and people from the church we attended. A good time was had by all- and fortunately no tummy aches considering the amount of ice cream some of the kids ate! Mr. Daniel (our Ireland Outreach liaison) informed us that we had moved 36,000 pounds of the sand/gravel mixture we used for our concrete pours. Our Preteens worked hard and did a wonderful job in all they did.
Friday was “take down tents” day. We’re packed and ready to go in the morning. With a 3 a.m. wake-up time to be ready for a 4 a.m. departure time for the airport, we hope to get at least a little sleep.IMG_1260[1] IMG_1423[1] IMG_1412[1] IMG_1406[1] IMG_1405[1] IMG_1242[1] IMG_1205[1] IMG_1203[1] IMG_1197[1] IMG_1270[1] IMG_1323[1] IMG_1182[1] IMG_1185[1]

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  1. It was sure an honor and privilege to meet and see this team in action and their service to God at Ireland Outreach. I continue to pray they would each grow in their walk and obedience to the Lord.

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