The Malawi Team Has Finished A Second Well!

Malawi 7:23 #2On Sunday, our team relocated to the Malawi South base and on Monday, we began drilling our 2nd well at one of Teen Missions AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in the local village just nearby. The village chief came to welcome us and expressed his appreciation for our work and for all of the good done at the Rescue Unit. The team knew it would be a miracle to complete a 2nd well in just four days (half of the time we took in Taliya village), but we wanted to try our best and trust the Lord with the outcome. The team split between the drilling site and evangelism on the other side of the Rescue Unit. They shared Yao language Bible stories with the flip charts, puppets, phonics, the wordless bracelets and gospel coloring books. Circle games were also a fun part of each series of activities.
Our tent site was on the sand just off the shores of Lake Malawi and we were treated to awesome sunsets every night with the reflections off of the water. In addition, the national Boot Camp was in full swing with nearly 200 kids and leaders (running the OC, holding classes and running evening rallies much like we did in Florida). Our team shared songs and dramas most of our nights there and Mr. Steve, Miss Gay and Jon all took turns as rallies speakers (through a translator). We also enjoyed some evening devotions around the fire in view of the lake… pretty nice! Miss Gay even broke out the smores one last time!
Today we thank the Lord for a safe journey back to the central (main) TMI base at Chipoka (there is also a large Boot Camp going on here and we plan to share in that rally tomorrow night). Tomorrow is our souvenir shopping day then church on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday we plan to visit the game park and then travel on Wednesday to Lilongwe for our flights the next day.
Thank you so much for your prayers! God has blessed us greatly!
Here’s a word from some of our team members…
Right now, our time in Malawi is ending and it seems like it has all gone in an instant. The past few weeks have been amazing. I absolutely loved being in our village ‘Taliya’ and it was so sad to leave but going to the Mangochi base was also a great experience because we got to stay in the most beautiful place on Lake Malawi and also finish a second well!!! I will definitely miss Malawi when we leave next week but I’m excited to get home and see everyone. I love and miss you all <3  – Anna Killacy
Hey, it’s LeeAnn!  I want to thank everyone who has continued to pray for this team. We have overcome many obstacles and seen many miracles happen, including yesterday when we finished our second well!  I have learned so much about God and discovered a new favorite book of the Bible (1st John). I’ve fallen in love with Malawi and grown super close to everyone on my team. As our time together is quickly coming to an end, we are all trying to enjoy the time we have left. I will never forget all the memories and silly songs we’ve written. I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home but for now I will just say I miss you and I love you! See you soon!    -LeeAnn Hess
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  1. Good going team! It it so good to hear something good that young people are doing. I’m thankful to be related to you.

  2. Great news to hear that God allowed you guys to finish a second well in record time. You guys are really doing your best to be a blessing to the people of Malawi. Great mud pit picture ladies. Lexi you look good with mud up to your elbows.

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