An Indiana Team Update

IMG_6364Hello dear parents and friends! 
Thank you all for your prayers, they are much needed! This week has been full of it’s share of struggles. The team has been going through a lot, God is bringing to our attention the areas we each need to be working on which is not always a smooth process! We praise the Lord for His steadfast love, grace and patience. Please be praying for the team as God is bringing out the ugly so that we can see it and address it in all our lives! 
Struggles aside we as leadership have witnessed so much growth, each team member has grown leaps and bounds since Boot Camp started. The change is amazing—you all must be very proud of your kids!
The week, although rough, has been fantastic. We have seen many come to a saving knowledge of Christ and many hundreds more seeds have been planted. We had a presence in Edwards county, Laurence county and Wabash county. So far the team thought Wabash county was by far the coolest fair; it’s a street fair which adds a whole different element as opposed to being at fairs which focus on 4H and livestock. The whole team was together at Wabash on Thursday night—this was the first time that the whole team was at the same fair! It was an awesome experience, the team worked hard at all they were doing. The team did 82 surveys and saw seven people come to Christ! 2306 surveys have been filled out this summer. We’ve seen 226 men and women come to the Lord in the time we’ve been here! Praise the Lord!
“On this missions trip God has done so many great things. He has healed our sickness, gotten us through spiritual attacks, and has even provided us with 226 people to accept Christ using us!”  ~ Alana Wiggins
“Hello, may name is Graydon. I’ve learned a lot this week; patience, love, and much more. I won six people to Christ, thank God! We also had fun on the rides during the fair! We’ve gone to six different fairs this week, and done tons of surveys. The fairs that we’ve gone to this week are: Edwards, Laurence, and Wabash fair, thats all I have to say.”
Love Graydon GerondaleIMG_6211 IMG_6170

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