An Update From The Vanuatu Team

11694748_10153003192218457_7113597536276802947_nGreetings from Vanuatu! We are up here on the hill for church this morning at Ranwadi Secondary School. The team did a couple of songs and a drama, and Anthony shared the message. We were blessed by communion again (which we have had every Sunday so far). We enjoyed the half-hour walk along the water, up to the school. 
Yesterday, the team was able to help in the area with some clean up from the cyclone, which was last fall. There is still much debris around. Since we were not able to get more sand and stones up to the kindergarten site, because of the wet roads, our work day was closer to “home”! The team also helped get supplies (stones and sand) for a needy family behind our missionary’s house, who are physically unable to do many things for themselves. We hope to get the supplies up the mountain to be able to pour the columns before we leave. The floors are poured and the block is laid. The village where the project is, will be having a farewell celebration for us on Tuesday and we will be having a national meal on Wednesday. The food is cooked in the ground on and surrounded by hot rocks.
We spent a few evenings down at the festival this week. We were able to watch some of the soccer and volleyball as well as sample a few foods! 
We will be packing up on Wednesday and flying to Pt. Vila on Thursday. We will spend one night there before traveling back to the US, through Fiji and LA. It is hard to believe our time is almost over! 
Appreciate your prayers for the last few days here, and safety in travel.

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