Some More Nepal Adventures!

IMG_1086It took a few seconds to realize we were riding elephants!! Early Friday morning we all loaded up into one of the nicest buses we have seen for a six-hour bus ride to Chitwan National Park.C hitwan  is in the lowlands of Nepal and is home to 50 elephants used for safaris. The bus ride was a perfect example of the organized chaos that makes Nepal tick. We found ourselves constantly jostling left, right, up, down forwards and backwards. Despite the rough ride, many were able to catch some well deserved sleep.  

The journey took us far from the sounds and crowds of Kathmandu and placed us in serene Chitwan where silence reigns and bicycles replace cars and motorcycles. We arrived at the Parkside Hotel where we had a lunch of Nepali rice, chicken, potatoes and some good French fries. Our rooms were small but quaint with showers that were a welcome sight.
That afternoon we went to visit an elephant breeding center. To get there, we crossed a fast river in a tiny wooden boat. Nepal will never fail to impress you.  The baby elephants made the whole team laugh and smile, especially when one elephant used his food as a hat. We returned to a very spicy Nepali dinner and then attended a cultural dance exhibition. The dances could be described with one word:  fascinating. We saw several coordinated dances that included sticks, singing, clapping, fire twirling, drums, and even a dancing peacock. Some team members joined in for the last dance.
The next day we were off on an elephant safari. We climbed up to a wooden platform to get onto the elephant. Each elephant held four team members and a driver. The ride was majestic. The elephants have a gentle strength that is amazing. We crossed through a river with ease, a river that would have certainly defeated a person on his own. We spotted deer, wild boar, monkeys and peacocks.  Rhinos and tigers eluded us although we did see rhino tracks. The experience was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. We then returned to the hotel for a quiet morning that included shopping at the elephant dung paper company across the street from our hotel. Our hotel also had two elephants on the property and we were able to touch them, feed them and get an up close look. We left Chitwan satisfied and content filled with lots of stories and experiences. We arrived back at Mendies Haven ready to finish our time here with happy hearts. 

We will be starting our journey back to the US on Friday evening. Our connecting flight from Miami to Orlando is tight so we may not be making our calls home until Sunday at Debrief.  We are all envious to talk to family.  Thank you for continuing to pray for our team.  Your prayers are evident every day.  IMG_1055 IMG_1041 IMG_1014 IMG_1007


  1. Wow! I am jealous of your fabulous time with elephants and all the cultural stuff. But, most importantly, the time helping the orphans and blessing the needy folks around there after all the catastrophes that have occurred. Many blessings, especially as you take your leave. I know that will be so hard.

  2. Donald and Memy Hillman

    Awesome…you guys are so blessed to have this very special opportunity. We are praying that will finish your last week strong and you will continue to honor and glorify God in all that you do!!! We also are praying for your safe return home.

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