The Korea Team Is In Their Last Week

100_2292It’s hard to believe that we are in our last week in Korea. Most of the team agrees that the time has flown by and they are not ready to return to the US. We finished up our CEF English camp on Saturday. It was hard to say good-bye to the young faces that we had grown so attached to. Many team members said that last week was probably their most favorite week of ministry here because the students’ English was probably the best we’ve encountered while teaching here in Korea, and even though it was often broken or just a few words of English here or there, we were able to communicate and share our love of Christ with them. The week with the CEF kids concluded with us going to “Paradise Spa” with them. We were told it was a “swimming pool,” but when we arrived we discovered it was a an indoor/outdoor water park!  The team enjoyed floating in the lazy river with the Korean students or going down the water slides together.  It was really a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships together. As the week neared the end, team members and students were swapping email & Facebook information so that they could remain in contact once we return home.  
Sunday, we had the opportunity to visit our third church here in Korea. We attended a Korean service, then had lunch with the church and then attended an English service. Many team members enjoyed having the opportunity to worship in English alongside our Korean brothers & sisters. Many Korean students attend the English services to improve their language skills and some are not believers. On Monday and Tuesday of next week we will be conducting a two-day English camp at this church. Our missionary reports that after our attendance at the church services, an additional 10-15 kids stated that they were interested in attending this English camp with “the Americans”. Please pray for us as we finish our ministry project. Pray that this last English camp will go well and we will be able to effectively present the Gospel through our camp. Finally, pray for us on Wednesday as we will be sightseeing in Seoul and then going to a water park on Thursday with our missionaries. Pray for traveling mercies and that we will take every opportunity to be witnesses to those around us.  
Thank you again for all of your prayers.  100_2295 100_2290


  1. Congratulations to all of you for your dedication to this mission, you have a lot to be proud of and to the leaders for you devotion to the mission and taking the responsibility of caring for our teenage children and being the example of Gods love. I can only imagine that this is life changing for so many of you and will no doubt reflect what the Lord has planned for you in years to come. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
    Lynette, it has been almost 6 weeks since I’ve seen you last. It feels like eternity. I miss you and can’t wait to see you at the airport on Thursday. I am so excited to hear your stories and share what the Lord has done in your life. It has always been your fathers and my prayer that you would see the joy that loving the Lord can so profoundly make in your life. Hopefully you will see many changes in the house when you come home. Josh and I have been working hard to get the house ready for the big bash.
    God bless my child Lynette and all my love.
    Dana Lavigne
    Lynette’s mom

  2. Sharon and Craig Butler

    We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness and how He is using the team and leaders to reach these kids! We are praying for all of you
    U! Praying that you will not leave what you experienced this summer the same…that you will be eternally changed and forever moved by the times you were able to tell someone about Jesus…that all of you will be on fire to do the work of the Lord when you return to your homes…that you will stay faithful and fully committed to the Lord as you return and go into your schools and homes…and that none of you will ever settle for less than the very best of what God has for you!
    Miles, you are an awesome kid and we miss you a lot! We admire your commitment to the Lord! We appreciate all of your leaders and the investment and time they put into your life! Can’t wait to hug you and to hear all that the Lord has done in your life!
    The Butlers

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