The End Is In Sight For The Uganda Team

DSCN9718The end is in sight! Today was our last day of work on the project. The team worked hard. They were busy mixing concrete and pouring the final two columns at the far side of the dining hall. Afterwards they worked alongside the BMW students (whom they have built-lasting friendships with) taking care of the animals, herding goats, working on the gardens and cleaning up the base. 

We had a good weekend. Saturday we held another MSSM program at the base. It was good to see all of our neighbor kids one last time and be able to spend the whole afternoon together. The team shared songs, a drama, puppets, Sadie and Mitchell taught phonics, Sara S. told the Bible story of Boaz and Ruth, Ashton and Mitchell shared their testimonies and Katie R. was in charge of games. They all ended the day with a game of soccer.

Sunday we attended Rock Base Church. It was a great service. Our team helped with worship music, did a short presentation with a drama, and also helped with children’s church. The highlight of the service was when two of our team members went forward to accept/rededicate their lives to Christ! That was so encouraging and a highlight of the summer for us leaders.

Tuesday we go for the much anticipated boat ride to the source of the Nile. We are leaving just after devotions so we can get on the boat early when it is supposed to be the best time of day to see the most animals. Afterwards we will spend the day in Jinja town shopping for souvenirs and enjoying milkshakes at Ozzie’s Restaurant.

Though we will all miss Uganda and the people we met and the friendships we made, we all look forward to getting back to the States! Laura and I are counting down the number of meals we still have to make and I am excited to say we are down to just 12 meals!

From the Team:

Ashton-We leave in 10 days…it is so hard to believe that it is all over, but I also can’t wait to be home. Tomorrow we have the river cruise in the morning and then shopping the rest of the day. I love Africa, but I am ready to be with my family.

Sadie-Hey Hey, Mama, Daddy, Sara and everyone else. Today was our last work day on the construction site. We had our last EV with the children and they truly are a blessing. This whole trip has taught me so much and I can’t wait to get home and tell you all about it.

Katie C.-Hey mom, dad and everyone else. We were able to finish our project and are now left with sightseeing then going home, but I know I’ll miss it here. The people here completely changed my outlook on life. I can’t wait to come home and tell you everything.

Sara S.-Our project has gone very well. Just finished our last work day! The team is going strong making great relationships with the BMW students. Can’t wait to see everyone at home in nine days! I’m going to miss the children here so much…

Levi-The last few days have been great…finishing our project time and going out for our last EV time. Tomorrow sounds exciting, some kind of cruise or something…;) I love you Mommy!

Caden-Dear Mom & Dad, Tomorrow we get to go on a boat ride down the Nile. Soccer has been so much fun with the kids and so has EV. I have had so much fun here and love all the people here.

Joshua-Monday was our last work day. We are going to town Tuesday.

Hannah-Honestly, as I sit here writing this…the sadness that my heart feels that I have to leave my most favorite place in four days is so terrible. I love the people here so much. This place has forever changed me. The people, the kids and the beautiful culture has stole my heart. I’m so glad we finished and did so good on our construction project and that our ministry went so well. I’m so very excited for this week to go souvenir shopping, the cruise on the Nile and the monkey safari. I can’t wait until the day I can come back to this beautiful place. I just love my team and I love my God.

Bo-Last day of work today, got to play shepherd before lunch, I was in front of church on Sunday for worship team, they picked me especially because I play the guitar, and after the service, during the invitation, I rededicated my life to Christ. Going on safari tomorrow as well as souvenir shopping. Took a shower today, but played with dirt afterward so now I am kind of dirty. My un-birthday was today as well as everyone else, but there were no gifts so the feeling was mutual.DSCN9726 DSCN9745


  1. Praise the Lord for the great job you all have done and I know it has change heart of so many that you have reach. They will sure miss you all.
    I am so bless when I read what you all are doingI know that God is please to see all the young boys and girls that gave up their summer vacation to reach the children in Uganda..
    Ha e fun the next few days.
    In His Love

  2. Jen and Scott Sticksel, please email me at [email protected]. I have tried catching you in a previous update…one of the parents was in Uganda and posted lots of pictures and videos to our Uganda Facebook page. We have not been able to connect with you on FB so you may not have accounts, but there are some beautiful pictures and videos I could share with you! Our daughter Sarah is on the team. 🙂

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