The Holy Land Team Is Finishing Strong

DSC09082Monday morning, two of the staff members of the Hope School showed us around Bethlehem. The team had the chance to tour the Nativity Church and see the site where many believe Jesus was born and laid in a manger. We also visited the Bethlehem Peace Center and saw nativity scenes from many countries all over the world! It was amazing to see the diversity in all of them, and to know that in every country, people can understand the simple truth that Jesus came to earth to save us.
Next, we visited the Shepherds’ Field, where the heavenly host praised God and announced the birth of Christ to humble shepherds. It was so fun to look out over the beautiful desert landscape and imagine what it was like on that clear night when all of the angels burst on the scene! The team enjoyed exploring caves and tunnels in the side of the field during our visit. We stopped on the way back to the school to shop for a few last-minute souvenirs as well. After our fun morning, we came back to a delicious feast of lamb, rice, and a yogurt sauce, given by the staff of Hope School for our team. We have been treated SO well here at the school, and our cups of blessing ran over with this amazing meal! Many of the team members had never had lamb before, and they LOVED the traditional Arabic style in which it was prepared for us! 

We spent the rest of the day working on our project. The team moved dirt, filled in the ground around the greenhouse footer, and cleaned up the property. The supplies for the greenhouse still have not come. Please pray they come in time for us to complete our work! This team has worked so very hard, and it would mean so much to them to be able to complete the work they came here to accomplish. It would be a big blessing to the school as well! 

In our last week here, we still need your prayers. Please pray that the team would keep their eyes fixed on Jesus, and make the most of our time left together. We are loving having every single one of them!


  1. Praying that you get the supplies and your last week there is an amazing blessing to the school!!! Praying for your safety and health continually! Thanks for the update…
    Love you sweets!

  2. I have lived for these reports and am thankful they have been posted. I continue to pray for the team and really hope you get the materials to finish the green house. Bless you all.

  3. rich and amy fetterhoff

    Praying that the rest of your trip will be a blessing to those around you and the team members too. What a great opportunity this has been for all of you. Thanks leaders for your example and commitment……

  4. Timothy Kennelly

    Thanks once again for the report. It sounds like the team got out and about quite alot. Praying for the remainder of the trip and work to go well.

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