The Honduras Team Continue To Minister

11737810_10153003189858457_7473652097246887982_nTeam Honduras survived the hike down the mountain. Many feel it was our best hike to date. Bekah was a huge blessing to many of the girls as they hiked. We went uphill from the Agua Caliente about 1,000 feet and then back down about 500 feet. We are staying in a cozy church in Monte Zerde with a tarp down the middle for privacy. We are blessed to have a roof over our head and a shower to get clean.

Last Thursday the team went on a long hard hike to Agua Sucia and it took about two hours to get there. The team did their presentation at a school where Grace, Sam, Michael and DeDe made balloons for the kids. Some had never seen them before and were ecstatic. Tori did a wonderful job presenting the wordless bracelet while Jackie translated. Luke W., Sam, Meg, Michael, Luke M., Cece, Tori and Sawyer presented the “Everything” drama. Mikayla, Christy, Josh and Tiffany prestented the “Colors” Drama. The hike back was hard but with God’s help they all made it home.

Monday the team is going to do their presentation at a local school. Tuesday the bus is arriving to pick us up and take us to the next location, La Estiranza, and we will stay the night at Mercy International and Wednesday we move on to the TMI Honduras base for two relaxing days of sight-seeing.

We are sad to see that our time in Honduras is coming to a close but we are all very excited to see our families soon.



  1. So happy the mission went as planned and looking forward to seeing my beautiful granddaughter Meg. Love and Blessings to all Jan Lee

  2. May God keep you all staning to the end. You will finish well and strong in Jesus name

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