Yea! Another One From Madagascar!

11742901_10153003190683457_4269635344601273495_nThe remainder of this week (Thursday-Sunday) was spent living out on the circuit. The team helped lead four Sunday schools over the course of those days, and Saturday afternoon was the last circuit of the summer for the team. On Sunday evening, when we had returned to the base, we went into Mahajanga with the BMW students and did open-air evangelism. There was a standing crowd of more than 50 people who were able to hear the gospel presentation. Monday through Wednesday will be spent cleaning and storing the bikes and cleaning/packing out of the building. Then we leave for Tana to spend the night and enjoy time souvenir shopping and sightseeing. We hope to have time to visit the zoo as well before we begin out journey back to Orlando for Debrief. We praise the Lord for the work He has done and is doing here in Madagascar, and for His continued hand of protection.
Please pray for smooth and safe travels home!
I love it here in Madagascar! From the beautiful sunsets to the dusty trails, God is using it all to teach us about Himself. I praise God for every moment He has given us to further His kingdom.  -Jakob V. 
Today is the third of August, meaning we have only a few days left in Madagascar and just over a week together as a team. I would use the word “team” loosely and more accurately would describe us as a family. As a family in Christ, we have learned to trust Him and come to Him in prayer for all our needs–safety on the bikes, positive attitudes, and the mindset that what we are doing is so much bigger than us. Leaving is bittersweet, but we have armed ourselves with God’s love and grace to help us transition back to home. -Justine P. 
Yesterday was our last day on the circuit. It’s surreal to think that the summer will soon come to a close. It ended with a bang, however. We spent our night street evangelizing. Our dramas along with the BMW‘s drew in a large crowd. Hopefully we touched the hearts of many. Then we ate meat on a stick, while seeing a ginormous baobab tree. God has truly blessed this team with safety, opportunity to sightsee, and open hearts from the Malagasy people. -Kitty M. 

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  1. So good to hear from you again! We check everyday for updates 🙂 Great to hear that things are going so well. We just got a letter from our daughter Megan today too, so your mail is getting through! Hopefully you are getting some mail as well. We pray for you a lot and will continue as you prepare for the journey home.

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