Our Last Week In Guatemala

DSC_0086Excited and eager we enter into our last week here with the Nuevo Reto Orphanage. Although we are excited to go home and share our stories with our loved ones, there are so many that we will miss here. Nick has loved seeing the difference between our cultures, and the difference between the ways that we meet for church. Andrew says that he will miss all his friends that he has made on the team, and we all miss the orphans and the locals that we have been building friendships with. 

We are so close to finishing what we came here to do. After having a professional come and check our work, it looks like we will be laying cement on the roof this coming Friday. Please pray that we will get this done.

Today was a very exciting day for us! We went to the school that the orphans attend and we were able to perform for their school! We did puppet shows, dramas, and songs with the kids. We taught the children some songs and even had the chance to play some soccer with the children as well. We didn’t have a translator so Laura did her testimony in Spanish. We are so blessed to have some Spanish speakers on our team. Charlie even had the chance to talk in Spanish during our performance. We did two dramas that presented the Gospel message and at the end a local who works with the orphanage told the story of God. Our kids were so blessed to be able to share Jesus with the small children at the school, and they were very satisfied with the outcome of our time there. 

This past Sunday was also very exciting for our team. The church we have been attending asked for anyone in the church to come and pick a peice of paper out of a box and buy whatever was written on the peice of paper. Most of the church went up to get a peice of paper to help support the church, even some of our very own team members picked from the box and joined in to help the church out. Many people had to buy some small items such as toilet paper, handsoap, a broom, or bottle of bleach. This past Sunday they were able to turn in the items and bless the church. They had a beautiful ceremony for this. They laid down pine needles and rose petals in the aisle for the offerings to be brought up to the altar. Robert said that he loves to see the team grow so close to God, and Sunday was a day for growing for our team. They got to see how such small things such as toilet paper, brooms, and hand soap can be such a big blessing. DSC_0129 DSC_0115 DSC_0066 DSC_0058 DSC_0050 DSC_0103 DSC_0092


  1. Love.. love…. love… seeing the pictures. I’m glad to see Mark giving his testimony in church. Those of us that know him well, know this is a big deal for Mark. He is very shy and public speaking is something he avoids. This pictures shows me how much he has grown and taken from this trip. Praise the Lord!

  2. What a blessing to hear all that our kids get to see God do through them and others. Can’t wait to see how it transfers into their daily lives! We serve such an amazing God don’t we?

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