Drum Roll Please: A Report From The Haiti Team!

11742730_10153003188873457_8514795503935583829_nWe completed all work at the work site and moved on Monday to Missions Possible Headquarters near St. Marc. We are painting the walls of the church and school classrooms here. 

It’s quite a difference for the team to see another part of Haiti…from open mountain rural Haiti to the urban area of St. Marc. There are people everywhere and eyes are opened to the need for educating the Haitian people when poverty is seen everywhere. 
The weather here is much warmer than in the mountains, actually hot is the correct word. But the teens enjoy a dip in the ocean after dinner each night which eases the complaints of being too hot. 
We continue to see these young people grow in their faith as they pray for one another and for those around us. 
I will send a few pictures later today, I’m having difficulty with internet. I did want to touch base with everyone at home and let you know that everyone is well. We look forward to seeing everyone soon. 


  1. Yea!!! Thank you for the wonderful report!! Praying for you all and can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  2. SO glad to hear from Haiti team! This has made my day to hear something.

    Praying for all of you… that the last few days would be special as you continue to serve Him in all you are doing.

    Hugs to you all xo

    Can’t wait to hug Mikayla August 13th

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