The Indiana Team Is Preparing For Their Trek Back To Florida

IMG_5793Hello one and all! 
Monday was not a typical day here in Indiana. In fact, we spent time in several holidays. First we spent time celebrating Christmas. Splitting up, we then went to Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and Halloween! No Tardis (Time Machine) required—we were at Holiday World. The team was able to ride roller coasters and water rides! It was a fun and eventful day, with unlimited soft drinks and gatorade—the team was refreshed throughout the day! 
As I write this, the team is doing classes with Les and Cathy Bice. Proceeding the class period, we will be having an evening of fellowship at the ping-pong tables and billiard tables. We cleaned out our dorms today and will be packing the trailer tomorrow night! Thursday morning we will be heading for the Creation Museum where we all look forward to learning more about this place we live on called earth. 
Please pray for us as we will be doing a whole lot of traveling in the next two days. We have over 1100 miles to cover in the next few days. 
“This trip has been cool and kind of awkward journey. Yesterday we went to Holiday World, it was pretty fun! Especially one rollercoaster in particular ‘The Voyager’ best rollercoaster I have ever ridden. ‘For when we live we live for the Lord, For when we die, we die to the Lord.’ Romans 14:8” ~Ky Beyer
“So it’s my second week here in Indiana and I’ve seen God work in awesome ways. The fairs have been really fun. And we just went to an amusement park which was awesome!” ~Venson IMG_6562 IMG_6553


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