The Vanuatu Team Is Preparing To Leave

11694748_10153003192218457_7113597536276802947_nWhat an exciting day we had yesterday. We walked up to the village near the project site (took about 45-50 minutes). They had prepared a meal for us of chicken, rice, vegetables and some national foods. Then the ladies did a national dance and the children did a dance also. The team shared using drama, singing and puppets, which they loved, and we sang a song we learned in the national language. They were so excited to hear us sing in their language! Then they presented us with bags that they had made for each of us. We gave them some wordless bracelets and played a little with the children. It has been raining for almost two days so we hope it dries up for us to pack dry clothes and leave tomorrow. We have been blessed by the people here and their generosity. Pray for safety in travel.

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  1. Congratulations, team and Alyssa Ross and God’s blessings on you as you travel.

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