A Last Report From Nepal

IMG_1217We are finishing up our last days in Nepal with such mixed emotions. While we are anxious to go home to see family and friends and enjoy the luxuries in the US like showers, flushing toilets and clean water, we are ver sad to leave the children of Mendies Haven.  We have all become good friends and it is going to be very hard to say goodbye. We are planning a big dinner together tonight of spaghetti, salad, homemade bread, brownies, ice cream and cokes. The children love our brownies. 🙂

We have enjoyed some special times in group devos. Hearing Yaminel’s testimony of accepting Christ at Boot camp and seeing the transformation God has made  in her life, hearing from Sophia and her testimony as well as Nathan and Rachel.  

Many of the team members had learned many valuable skills on KP like making bread, homemade English muffins, noodles, tortillas and baking cakes and cookies. We especially enjoyed the M&M cookies that George and Ellen made.  

We will start our journey home on Friday. Our flight leaves Kathmandu at 9:20 pm and spend an overnight in Doha airport.  We fly out of Doha on Saturday morning and arrive in Miami that evening. Please pray for safety and good health as we travel. You should hear from us sometime over the weekend when we arrive back at Teen missions.  

It has been an amazing experience to be in Nepal. Please continue to pray for the people here as they recover. Susan Mendies told us of a village near here where her friend lives—every home in the village was destroyed and they lost their water source as well.  Everyone is still living in tents.  Such devastation is hard to comprehend.  

Also pray for the children at Mendies Haven that they would be provided for and they they would know that God loves them and that they are precious in His sight.  

See you very soon.  IMG_1214 IMG_1212 IMG_1210 IMG_1209


  1. What an amazing adventure life is. Reading about your experiences has been a highlight for us this summer. We have all been praying for you and your safe return to us.

    I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things God has in store for you this next school year!!

  2. Love to both Abigail and Daniel Rogers. A m so glad you could be there this summer where the Lord could use you. Hope yoru team has been well. Will pray for safety on your trip home. love, Grandma Rogers .

  3. Hii Daniel and Abigail Rogers: i am so glad this has been a rewarding trip and project for this summer. Not only will you be glad to get home but we wil be glad to see you back. I hope your team has been healthy. i also am assured that you both were prepared to take care of them.
    Daniel, i have a job for you for the month of September. Abigail, I know you can’t wait to get back to school. We are praying for you as you travel back to the US. I love you both. Grandma Rogers

  4. Thanks be to God who gives, loves, and provides. So grateful for all He has done in and through Teen Missions. We are waiting in excitement for your return. What a blessing that even though you all must leave Nepal, God is still there. He is working and is on the move in the beautiful lives of the Nepali people. Celebrating the God of multiplication, who has multiplied his richness in your lives and continues to multiply his abundance.
    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

  5. Donald and Memy Hillman

    Great job Nepal team!!! Praying for good health and safety as your travel.We will also pray for the children and staff at Mendies Haven.

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