Our Last Report From Uganda

DSCN9785The Uganda team is all ready to leave for the airport tomorrow morning around 10am. The house is clean, our bags are packed and there is excitement in the air! Our team will be in Washington DC Saturday morning. We plan to make phone calls home between 10am-12pm.

Tuesday we went on a one-hour boat ride down the Nile to Lake Victoria. There were lots and lots of birds and a few monkeys jumping around in the trees nearby. Then we went to town and shopped from 11am to 4pm. When everyone was done finding souvenirs, we went and enjoyed shakes, pizza and burgers at Ozzie’s Restaurant. 

Wednesday we visited Mabire Forest at a place called Griffin Falls. There was lots of hiking up and down the paths through the forest. We hiked to the falls, went looking for different groups of monkeys and some even enjoyed the zip lines in the trees.

We have begun to say our goodbyes to the staff and students here and there are also some MSSM kids here to visit one last time. Tonight we will attend chapel together with the staff and students and shortly after we will be able to taste some local foods including posho, greens and beans. 

Everyone is healthy again just in time for travel. Two of the girls had stomach issues these last two days, but they are doing well now. 

The weather continues to be mostly sunny, though it rains about once a week. Today our clothes dried very fast because there is a nice breeze. It is warm to very warm during the day and cool to very cool at night.

From the Team:

Sarah W.- Wow! I cannot believe we are leaving tomorrow. I’m having mixed emotions…UGANDA is so, so, so amazing and the people are so lovely and fun to be with. The Lord has taught me this summer to appreciate the things you have and also to trust in Him in everything. I have made so many unforgettable memories and wonderful friends, but I can’t wait to come home! I love you and miss you guys! Oh, yeah! We get to fly into Dublin, Ireland tomorrow as a connecting flight. I miss you Dad, Mom, Ryan, Matthew, Ben and Kate. See you in 6 days! XOXOXO

Scott – I have had a good experience in Uganda and it will be sad to leave.

Katie R.- Hi everybody! So today is our last day here in Uganda, and we are all excited to see all our families again, but are going to miss it here so much! We’ve all made such great friendships with each other, and with the people here. It was so awesome to see the way that the Lord moved through all of our lives and through the country of Uganda. I’m going to miss this place, the people, and all my teammates dearly. I can’t believe we’re leaving tomorrow! We’ve all been packing and cleaning all day, and we’re almost ready to leave…we’re excited to see you all again!

Mitchell – As the trip come to an end I am glad I have made a difference and I plan to come back next year.

Nic – Hi fam. We are just packing up and getting ready to head back to Florida. It has been a life-changing experience, I’m really going to miss everyone here. They have really been a blessing to us. I can’t wait to get home.

Savannah – Hi Mommy and Daddy, I got sick yesterday, I threw up a lot. I’m much better today. I prayed a lot with Brianna and woke up feeling good. I’ve gotten more bug bites. Other than that, it’s been fun and I can’t wait to see you! Say hi to Lorelai and Avalon!

Andrew – I can’t believe that these past three weeks in Uganda are already gone. I am glad that I get to go back home now, but sad that I have to leave behind all of my new friends. At least I have a much greater understanding of God that I will go home with.

Shelby-Ann – Hello All, today is pack-out day! The tears are fiercely flowing. As we pack, the view of the primary school is visable. It breaks my heart to leave, but I know I impacted the lives of so many people. God is so good. Saying bye to our friends is going to be hard, but “it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later” on a positive note/not as sad, I can without a doubt say there are smiles all around and the strength this team has in Christ is unbreakable.

Breanna – Hey friends and family! I will be sad to leave Uganda but I am so excited to see all of you in one week! I will never forget my time here and can’t wait to share my experiences and pictures/videos with you all when I get back. God has taught me to be thankful for the people and situations God puts me with. And something that one of the TMI staff told us was that everything we touch is a blessing. So even when we are working hard and are frustrated and tired, we should remember that our eternal reward will be much greater than any earthly reward. I love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!DSCN9796 DSCN9794 DSCN9779 DSCN9777

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