The Last Report From N. Ireland

DSCF1683Our time is almost up here in Belfast and there are definitely some mixed emotions about leaving the ministry we’ve been doing in the Mission Halls here! Leaving the new friends we’ve made will be difficult for sure. It’s as if we’ve known many of them far longer than we actually have. We continue to be blessed by all the hospitality and love they show us. It’s hard to believe we only have two more days of Bible school and head home.  

These last several days have been full doing afternoon Bible school at Island Street Mission and the evening Bible school at Mersey Street Mission. Wednesday night the Island Street Mission hosted a dinner following Bible school. They served us a wonderful meal with choices of lasagna, chicken curry over rice, Irish stew, and chips. They served us our new favorite dessert, Banoffe, which has a mixture of banana, butterscotch pudding, and toffee on a delicious crust. We had a little extra time after supper before needing to head to Mersey Street so they took us 10 minutes away to a small park on Belfast Lough. Though it was drizzling, as it does so often here, the team enjoyed 45 minutes or so walking along the beach looking for seashells and rocks. On Thursday and Friday we will be back to our two Missions and finish up the week with the kids. The team is pretty professional doing these Bible schools, and it’s really been a great time of training them to be leaders! They basically run the full programs now with no assistance. Lord willing these weeks will enable them to be strong leaders back at home in their own churches! They are all certainly capable young people.  

This (Thursday) morning we took a quick walk into the City Centre in Belfast for a last minute souvenir trip. It was beautiful weather and walking over the rivers between the stately old buildings was a lot of fun. (We make quite a picture walking down the streets en masse! We get our fair share of stares even when we just walk to the Leisure Center for our showers.)  We decided to experience riding a double-decker bus back, so we hopped on and got a ride back to the church.  After a quick lunch and some Bible study, the team is heading over to Island Street Mission.

Friday morning will be pack up/cleaning day at Mountpottinger. It has been a great facility for us and we are thankful for what we had here!  We look forward to coming home and doing Debrief together. The days will be full at TMI, too, with classes during the day, team presentations in the evening, taping our own presentation, and visiting Cocoa Beach one afternoon. Our flight leaves Belfast about 11 am Saturday so it will be an early morning! I’m sure we’ll all be napping on the flight home! Please pray for smooth passage through airports and customs. We will allow the team to call home as soon as possible.  

Thank you for letting your children serve the Lord with us this summer.  We’ve been blessed to have them on our team. Goodbye from Belfast!

A few more words from your kids:  

Seuraya- Working the Summer Schemes last week gave me a wonderful opportunity to boldly tell the kids a Bible story. God gave me peace and joy about getting in front of all the kids and using them to teach; it was quite fun! Going sight-seeing Saturday and seeing all of God’s gorgeous creation was an absolute blast! The entire day was fantastic, and my favorite part was being able to feel God’s world.  The wind blowing on my face at the top of a huge hill, the warm sun kissing my cheeks at the Giant’s Causeway and the waves tickling my sandy hands at the stunning beach, are just the beginning of God’s gifts from that day.

Kristina- Hey, Ya’ll!  These past couple of weeks in Northern Ireland have been fantastic! I have learned and grown so much, both emotionally and spiritually. Last week, we worked in the morning and afternoons with the kids in Belfast. The morning session was called Bible Club, and that was more of a VBS type of thing.  I helped with registration and some fun competitions between the kids.  They were so sweet. Yesterday, 25 July, Saturday, was a sightseeing day.  We went first to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. That was an intimidating but fun experience. We walked one kilometer to a Rope Bridge that lead to an island, and I got a lot of beautiful pictures. We then went to Giant’s Causeway and climbed a lot of rocks. I thought it was really interesting how all the rocks were perfect shapes throughout the entire park. The last thing we did was spend a few hours at the beach. A few team members went in, but most of us stayed on dry ground and played a game called Rounders, similar to baseball. IMG_4132 IMG_4122 DSCF1910 DSCF1721 DSCF1702 DSCF1677Overall, this trip has been life changing, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back!



  1. We loved having you all with us. Jude and Rohen broke their hearts when you all left. I want to thankyou all for the love, patience and kindness you all shared with my kids. A life changing experience for them too. Xx

  2. Melanie Fienemann

    Did I miss the phone call from Gloria yesterday from the airport? I do not see a missed call?

  3. Hi It has been a pleasure and a blessing getting to know you all , I wish you all a safe journey home and may the Lord bless you.

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