A Last Report From Guatemala!

DSC_0152With only two more sleeps left to go, we are getting more and more anxious to finish what we came here to do! The team got to enjoy going to a private school where the orphans attend! They had so much fun performing puppet shows, dramas, and singing songs for the kids! Katelyn gave her testimony for them as well! She also went on to say to the leaders that she doesn’t want to leave Guatemala and the children here! We have all grown so fond of the local people and Aliza says that she will miss having fun with the locals!

This past Tuesday we all went to Antigua! Praise the Lord all the team members were well enough to go and have fun with the team in the markets! We all had a blast and we enjoyed how different the market place was from shopping in America! Some kids were very good at bartering and impressed the team with their skills! The kids were so impressed at the very nice McDonalds that we ate at as well! Antigua was a very beautiful city and we loved the beautiful view of the mountains and volcanoes! Before we started to shop, we all sat around a giant cross above the city and prayed for the people of Antigua! I think that the kids really enjoyed doing that!

Christiana says that it will be very hard for her to leave, and Barnabas says that he will miss doing the dramas! Daniel already knows that he will miss not only the kids of Nuevo Reto, but also the team members on his team! The team has grown so close together and it has been very encouraging to see many of the kids grow closer to God and to each other! God has had His hand on this team and has taught us so much during our time here! Alex says that she has made so many good friends and that she will miss them all so much when she goes home. She also says that her faith has grown so much and she is very glad for that!

It was a very bittersweet church service last night at the Templo De La Gloria. The kids of Nuevo Reto made cards for each of the team members and leaders! They presented them to us with hugs and laughter! After the service, we all enjoyed a meal with the people of the church and we visited and started on saying our goodbyes. The people of the church are so grateful for what teen missions is doing for them! They keep showing us their appreciation in fun small ways! They bought us popsicles yesterday at the worksite and they keep telling us how much we are helping them! Tomorrow morning the people of Nuevo Reto plan on making us a genuine Guatemalan breakfast! We are all so very excited to taste their delicious cooking once again! We are so incredibly blessed to be with these people and serving them!

We have learned so much from them in such a short time. We will miss the people and the mountains so very much! However, we are also excited to see our families back home! We have so many fun stories to share with our families.DSC_0290 DSC_0285 DSC_0218 DSC_0216 DSC_0203 DSC_0209

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