The Last Update From The Holy Land Team!

DSC09082Our work days are finished and we are all packed up and ready to go.  The greenhouse supplies did not arrive yet but they have been ordered and people have been asked to finish what we started, so we are happy with that.  Here are a few parting words from our teammates while we wait for the bus to arrive…

Finish the sentence….”We are leaving today and…”

Anastasia – “I want Panda Express.”
Kaitlyn – “I am excited to see what the future holds for me after this trip and to see my family again.”
Klystia – “I am really going to miss all the great friends I made this summer.”
Moriah – “I am sad to go, but ready for the beach!”
Jacqueline – “I hope we make it through airport security OK!”
Micah – “I am so glad and yet so sad.”
Casey – “I am thankful for our time in the Holy Land.  It has been a memorable trip and I have had many experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.”
Jakob – “I am excited to get back to America.”
Gabriel – “the Holy Land exceeded my expectations for our whole time here.”
Edward – “and getting on an airplane.”
Joshua – “it is sad to know that we are leaving this great country.”
Emily – “I am looking forward to seeing my family and home again but I will miss the amazing time I have had here.”
Ethan – “I am going to miss the weather here!”
Kailub – “I am beside myself at the thought of being closer to home.”
Miranda – “I am so sad that our time together is almost over.”

We will make phone calls home once we arrive in New York.  Talk to you all soon!  Be waiting for those phones to ring!!!

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  1. So glad for this team!!! You started an amazing project and it will be finished my others! I am excited to hear all about it! Praying for safe travels!!! And waiting for that PHONE CALL!!!!

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