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South Africa Base Report From the Summer 

Shrocks: Joy & Jolie spent the week in Joberg with big sister, Jenn and baby HannaLea. They are enjoying relaxing for the school break. Jason finally got his arthritis meds and within three hours was literally jumping for joy.  Karen is doing a lot of praying and crying over the BMW student’s behavior, but God gives us strength everyday to be victorious. Peter came to encourage the students and gave us some encouragement also. The Zulu saying “Ukukhula kunzima” interpreted means “to grow is difficult”. We know these growing pains are worth it as we have received reports or text messages everyday of what God is doing through our graduate students and interns in Zimbabwe and throughout South Africa.

Lorraine & Kgotso: They put together an amazing monthly MSSM report and things are pushing forward and all six stops are now up and going. They cleaned out the second bunkhouse in preparation for the team to come on Monday. They are so excited to host their first team and see what God will do in all the locations.

Tia:  She has been working on the bamboo fence and landscaping and outreaches.  

Shanty: The kitchen is running so smoothly this term and everything is sparkling clean due to her new schedule. The new students quickly pick up her instructions and the food has been excellent this term.

Lydia:  She helped a lot with afternoon work this week. On Friday she thought ahead as Karen wasn’t back from taking the US team leaders shopping and set up the students’ jobs. Saturday she went with the team to Masakhane to do the children’s ministry and then in the afternoon went to town for shopping with Tia on a taxi. She quickly got Ester new books and notebooks to replace the old ones and has tried to encourage the students through this tough week. She is teaching Tia and Shanty how to bake, so this week it was apple crumble and cinnamon rolls.

WALKABOUT—Shanty, Tia and Puleng walked to the butchery and they shared with a man who lives at Masakhane. He also shared in his language to Sammi of our Saturday Good News Club. 

SAMARITAN LADIES –  The ladies were still waiting to view Talent’s body (a Samaritan lady) and they heard the autopsy revealed some type of poisoning. They called on Monday and were told it would be this week so they didn’t want to come because they were still in mourning. Belinda was asking prayer fDSCF3238or her husband, Godfrey, back in Uganda as he injured his hand/shoulder. She was sending him money for the medical costs. 

FIRE ON THE FARMS – Thursday Tia and Felix greeted the farmworkers with smiles. Three ladies said they were tired and really hot. They all sat down in the shade for lunch and we motivated them as Tia shared from Matt. 11:28 and Ps. 90:11. Felix prayed for them and they went back to work with enthusiasm and were very blessed.

Saturday evening was a lot of fun as students, staff, Carol & Eivind, Jenn & Symps and the US team gathered around the bonfire. S’mores, songs, stories and games made it a delightful evening. 

We had two food donations this week. A case(200) of apples from Jenn & Symps’ church and pasta, rice and curry frozen meals, and eggs from an old friend, Rina Nel. This will help greatly with our budget. Plus a lot of the students were fasting and praying because of the students’ problems so again yeah for the budget.


In His grace,

Karen & Jason Shrock
Psalm 46:10



  1. How can I register iam in south africa.

    • Blonde, We run the same program in South Africa. Please email the office and they will get you in touch with the SA base. If you want to go on a team from the US, you can go online and register (www.teenmissions.org).

  2. Thanks for encouraging program, l am interested to send my children how do l contact you. My email address : [email protected]

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