Prayer Is Powerful

Praise Report

 We have resumed a door-to-door ministry working with a small Pentecostal Church about 5 kms from the base. There were five salvations as people made a decision for Christ. We are digging the trench for water with the villagers.

From Tanzania :

God said is there anything I can fail to do? On Tuesday about midnight my wife a12032955_10156024034875484_3909968161078677875_nnd I heard a big knock, a person calling out in Swahili (friend ) which has never happened. I asked who that person was and he told me your neighbor. I went out and he told me his wife is dying and he needs our help, She just gave birth in the house and the placenta did not come out. My wife told me to pray for her before going to the hospital.

We prayed for her with Vincent an intern, took her to the hospital within an hour everything was normal the Doctor worked on her and she is okay.

We thank God for the grace he gave me to pray and that He heard our prayers. The family is very happy to have a baby boy in the house. They asked me to name the child. I hesitated to name the child, but he said, “You saved the life of my wife. That is why we want you to name the child.” After some prayers within my heart, I named the child Joshua. The man said, “That is the name I have been thinking about.” Both the mother and baby Joshua are doing fine. We give God the glory for the work which is happening here.



1: Thank God our son is healed and he has started going to school.

2: Pray for good health.

3: Pray for our water project to finish on time.

4: Pray for our ministry to bare fruits to the community.

5: Pray for wisdom as we lead the ministry of God.

Saba and Ethel Mwape

Tanzania base coordinators

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